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I mostly deal with special FX (VFX), but produce Sound Effects as well.

I also specialize in props and prop animation.
I hail from HK (Hongkong) and studied abroad (hence my decent command of English)
Went from Gamer to Modder to Indie game dev. (Still an occasional gamer though)
More of an on-an-off modder now.
EVE for Fallout 3, and Fallout New Vegas, you may have heard of.


 Fallout : The Frontier

 I made every visual effect you see in The Frontier, from the weather, to the explosions, fire, and especially the new energy and ballistic visuals.

 I hope the future holds enough time for me to continue modding future moddable titles. 
If you have suggestions for mods, mod improvements, ect drop me a line!
If you have inquiries relating to Nifskope, I can try to assist. (often labeled a Nifskope guru).