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  1. ABorstov123
    • supporter
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    I want to use this with TTW, but where do I install this file? I used MO2 but the textures didn't change so I'm doing something wrong. It asked if I wanted to install it as a BAIN installer
    1. Avluel
      • member
      • 167 posts
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      You need to install this MANUALLY.  
      Download this mod to desktop 
      - create a new folder and call it Mothership Zeta DLC Retextured
      - OPEN the mod you downloaded
      - from Abomination_Heartbeat folder move MESHES folder in the folder Mothership Zeta DLC Retextured 
      - from Open This folder move TEXTURES folder to Mothership Zeta DLC Retextured folder.
      - now on Mothership Zeta DLC Retextured folder  you have 2 folders
      - right click on Mothership Zeta DLC Retextured folder and create an ARCHIVE
      - add these ARCHIVE to Mod Organizer 2 or Vortex
      - Install.
  2. Epolbadare
    • member
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    i used this with ttw, you need to make sure the filepath is correct, its pretty good retexture since no one retexture this dlc, even nmc retexture doesnt include with this dlc, Endorsed
  3. ConmanDuf
    • premium
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    Anyone know if this works out of the box with TTW? I'd assume so since theres no ESP just textures and meshes?
    1. ikis
      • supporter
      • 144 posts
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      Filepaths might be different
  4. coin3223
    • member
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    Using this + Classic Greys makes this DLC look so much better
    1. weijiesen
      • supporter
      • 5,977 posts
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      I just now noticed it managed to get a vote for Feburary MotM and came in to check. 
      This is one I would like to upgrade if I had some time.
  5. WesguMeya101
    • member
    • 152 posts
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    The abominations look, regardless of texture; Like "In their 30's" dads with beer-guts that have the "Completely done with your s#*!" noseless look, complete with crimson chin sized chin.
  6. anicecupoftea
    • member
    • 5 posts
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    As @Korodic correctly noted below - this mod doesn't seem to install correctly with NMM.

    Here are the installation instructions:

    1. Download MANUALLY the main file and extract to a new folder
    2. Copy ReadMePls_DLC05_Retex.txt into the folder "Open This"
    -- Optionally, copy the folder "meshes" from within "Abomination_Hearbeat" into "Open This"
    -- (adds a pulsating effect to Abomination chest veins)
    3. Compress the folder "Open This" into a new RAR or 7z file - rename the new file either of these:
    WJS DLC05 Retex 1_0 - NMM compatible -8260.RAR
    WJS DLC05 Retex 1_0 - NMM compatible -8260.7z
    4. In NMM > 'Mods' tab, click the green "+" sign to add mod manually, select the newly created archive and click 'Open'
    5. In 'download manager' tab, wait for adding to complete, then install as usual
    1. TopGearUKFan
      • supporter
      • 100 posts
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      Thank you anicecupoftea for taking the time to post these instructions. It's much appreciated.
    2. wvictoria
      • member
      • 9 posts
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      thank you!
    3. Renma91
      • member
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      What should the settings be for adding it to archive?
    4. petewolf
      • premium
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      thank you! odd thing though, when the mod is not active in MO it seems to look waaaaay better, did I do something wrong?
  7. MistressJada
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    Do you need the DLC?(just kidding, downloading it now)
  8. Rae1Vixen
    • member
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    is this compatible with MZC (Mothership Zeta crew?)
  9. LordVelken89
    • supporter
    • 125 posts
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    that was always a massive issue for me in mothership Zeta was space, looking out the window moving around just a bit and noticing that space was nothing but a walled in Dome painted in the background it was the destruction of my immersion. ;-;
  10. Korodic
    • premium
    • 4,368 posts
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    This mod should probably not be installed with NMM due to the file structure inside the .rar file. Giving everyone a heads up :3