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The spaceship looks like metal instead of cardboard now! The aliens look creepy instead of bland now! Zeta has been awesomefied. EVERY single last texture. Enjoy!

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Retextured ALL of the textures in DLC 05.
Regardless of how your Mothership Zeta experience has been/will be, this should make it a little better.
No more 512x textures. No more cardboard spaceship. No more dull clownish aliens.

Put the textures folder into your DATA folder, (not inside of your fallout 3 folder or inside the textures folder), after doung so, it will ask you "are you sure you wish to overwrite?". Click YES (if you click NO, why did you DL this?).

Use FOMM and start your game.

ALL textures have been redone. Each and every single last one.

There are no 512x textures left, they are now 1024. Any "important" 1024x textures (weapons, creatures, armor ect) are now 2048x. And any other textures already already at 1024 or 2048 (the not-so-common/important ones) have been left to original resolution. (so as not to affect perf too much)

This was a quick retex i did for my gf really. But you'll find it will improve the overall experience of playing through Zeta

*yeah, if you can't figure it out, you NEED DLC05 Mothership Zeta. If anyone ask's me if the DLC is needed, I'll send you my tutorial on shoe-tying.

******* BONUS *******

Included in the DL, you will find a folder called "Abomination Heartbeat".
If you use this, open and put in your meshes folder.
It will make the "veins" on Abominations "pulse glow" to the rhythm of a heartbeat :D