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Name: Arwen's Realism Tweaks
Version: 7.0
Date: February 23, 2013
Category: Gameplay Effects and Changes
Requirements: Fallout 3 patched to v.1.7; FOSE (Fallout Script Extender)
Author: Arwen_Eve (Arwen)
Source: http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=7565
Forum: http://arwen.freeforums.org/index.php
Website: http://arwenevecom.ipage.com/Fallout/FO-mods04.htm

Version 7.0 (02/23/13)
- Requires Fallout Script Extender (FOSE) [v.1.1 or later : http://fose.silverlock.org/]
- Can be installed in an existing game, but works best with a new game, where all the changes will have the greatest effect. My Hard-Core module may cause some issues when used with saved games that have progressed beyond the first few levels (due to major skill point reductions and the perk changes).
- My Realism Tweaks now consists of my Core Master, 5 modules, plus several bundled compatibility patches. Additional patches can be found under Optional Files (on the download site), as I release them.

Major changes in Version 7.0:
*** Overall Changes:
- This is a Major update: it includes a bunch of changes that will have a major effect on your game play.
- This finally completes what I began in v.6.4: the re-balancing of my Full Tweaks, optimization of all my scripts, overhauling my optional features, and the addition of a few brand new features that I have been working on. If you've never used my Tweaks before, you're in for a whole new experience; if you've used my Tweaks before, you're in for a few surprises.
- Timing for the initialization quests were adjusted, are now based on real minutes, and the Realism Core Quest now has to be completed before the other modules' ini quests will begin.
- Due to the extent of changes, if you're using an earlier version of my Tweaks, you need to wait until you're ready to start a new game before installing v.7.0.
- My "Realism Tweaks User Guide" Word doc has been updated to v.7.0.
*** Realism Core changes:
- Slightly less movement speed penalty when legs are crippled (but still greater than default) [One crippled leg: 30% slower (was 40%, default=15%); Two crippled legs: 50% slower (was 60%, default=25%)]
- Dynamic Stealth has been improved. Detection should now feel a bit more consistent, the NPCs will no longer be able to detect you as easily, and will have a much harder time zeroing in on you when you are not in their LOS.
- Options Menu changes: Dynamic Timescale is now enabled by default, but Weapon Effects, Visual FXs, and all Optional Combat Settings are disabled (enabling them all is recommended).
- Optional Combat Settings were completely overhauled. These can now be safely toggled on or off at any time, even when you are receiving a related penalty or while a related imod is being applied (penalties and/or imods will be removed and any changes will be reset to default). Here are the 4 NEW Options:
- 1.) Weapon Ability Penalties (replaces Hard-Core's Weapon Ability): you will be increasingly less effective when your skills are lower than a weapon's skill requirement, or when your Strength is lower than a weapon's strength requirement. If your stats are too low, you will not be able to use some weapons. [Note: Weapon skill requirement is based on Weapon DAM, and STR requirement is based on Weapon weight.]
- 2.) Tougher Crippled Arm Penalties (replaces Crippled Weapon Penalties): when an arm is crippled, your Strength and Weapon Skills are reduced and you cannot use VATS. Penalties are greater for a crippled right arm than for a left arm, and even greater when both arms are crippled. Does not directly prevent you from using any weapon.
- 3.) Skill Based Accuracy (replaces Perception Based Accuracy): Aiming accuracy is based on your skill level for that type of weapon (SmallGuns, BigGuns, or Energy Weapons). Also improves Auto-Aim (which is now also based on your weapon skills).
- 4.) PipBoy Locked during Combat (in v.6.4, only the menu changed): you will not be able to open your PipBoy menus during combat, but the default Hotkeys (1-8) will still function.
- Adjusted some weapon stats, to keep things balanced with the latest changes in my Optional Combat Settings (balance is best when the first three optional settings are all enabled).
- Visual FXs: If you disable the FXs while an imod is being applied, it will now be removed.
- Weapon Effects: Gunshot effect (spell) is now applied correctly and your AGL is now damaged. If you disable a Weapon Effect while the spell is being applied, the spell (and its penalties) will now be removed.
- Power Armor (including helms) now only weighs 25% as much when worn, but my STR increase was removed (was 50%, +1 STR).
- Due to Hard-Core module's latest Barter changes, the amount of merchants caps was reset to the default amounts (previously doubled).
*** Hard-Core changes:
- Hard-Core Quest now starts a minute or so after the Realism Core quest is completed.
- At the end of the quest, you can now pick one of my character Traits (or not select any). I selected some from Fallout 2 and added some of my own unique Traits, to expand character builds in a way that will have a major effect on your game play (especially early in the game).
- New Level 2 Perk, "Good Whack:" Reserved for actors with lower Strength; 3 ranks, +5 Melee Weapons/rank.
- Barter rebalanced: I found that my v.6.4 changes were a bit overdone, so my new formula results in greater low-skill Barter penalties (but not as much as in earlier versions).
- Removed Gender Differences Automatic Weapons, Big Guns, and Energy Weapons. Now handled by my Realism Core's optional Weapon Ability Penalties, which is based on your character's actual weapon skill and strength.
*** Encumbrance changes:
- Encumbrance Quest now starts about 3 minutes after the Realism Core Quest has completed.
- You can now FastRun with your weapon out, but your speed will be a bit slower (just like with normal running).
- When Crouching, pressing FastRun will now automatically make you stand up and FastRun.
*** Med-Tec Changes:
- Med-Tec Quest starts about 6 minutes after the Realism Core Quest has completed (soon after the One Life Quest finishes). The Quest now takes only about 3 minutes to complete (the quest’s timer is still paused if you are inside or engaged in combat).
- Campfire Script: Fixed bug that resulted in negative cooking times; You can no longer put out your campfire until you remove the cooking/boiled item; When the item has been done for 30 minutes or more, you will now be notified that it has burned (instead of just that the item is now done).
- Sleep Quest was better optimized, so that it should no longer cause any lag.
- Medical Supplies Quest: More doctors now have Morphine; Some of the main merchants will now have Pre-War clothing that can be used to craft bandages; You will now be able to purchase a knife (needed for butchering) from more of the merchants and caravans.
- When suffering a Trauma injury, your Trauma Level will now increase a bit less per hit, but your Wound Level will now also increase.
- Any water bottle can now be filled at both Purified and Good water sources. A Pure or Good water bottle both yields a bottle of Good water, at either source (since the bottle is used). A Dirty water bottle always yields a bottle of Dirty water (from any source, since the bottle is dirty).
- Arm Splint Penalties were adjusted so that the amount of Weapon skill penalty is now based on your permanent skill level (to prevent penalties from being unfairly harsh for lower skilled characters).
*** OneLife changes:
- After releasing v.6.4, I discovered a new way to further optimize my scripts, especially in how Normal Death had previously been scripted. So I again spent days rewriting my scripts and testing every single change. My own game play results with the release version has been excellent, with next to no lag at all. One Life now works nearly perfectly in my own game. If you had problems with a previous version, I strongly recommend that you give my new version a try.
- One Life Quest starts about 5 minutes after the Realism Core Quest has completed, and your first Revival Point is set and your first One Life save pair is made.
- When you load a saved game, a Revival Point is set and a One Life save is now made almost immediately (I discovered that one of the main causes of a CTD happened if you died before a new Reset Point was set; and the game apparently doesn't like loading saves from an earlier game session, or using earlier Reset Points . . . at least not from a script).

Description and Concept:
- I created my Realism Tweaks to make my game play much more realistic, challenging, and balanced (and to compliment the other mods that I am using: http://arwenevecom.ipage.com/Fallout/FO-mods.htm).
- My goal has always been to make FO3 more immersive and more realistic within the context of Fallout's alternate reality, which is a place where radiation causes mutations as often as death, and where injuries can be healed with a stimpak injection.
- The Fallout games are RPGs, but I felt that FO3's role-playing aspects were rather weak in many areas. For me, a Role-Playing Game is more realistic when I can role-play without having to work at it. I have a great imagination, but I wanted the game itself to impose some real consequences and limitations on my character, instead of just pretending that these things existed. My goal was to do this in a way that also made the game more challenging.
- With my Tweaks installed, your Skills and Stats now become much more important in how your game will play out for you. If you install my Hard-Core module, you will discover that your distribution of SPECIAL points is also MUCH more important than it was in the default game. And installing my other three optional modules will make this harsher game world an even more challenging place. You will now find that the Wasteland may actually feel like a harsh wasteland. You may also discover that the game is now a lot more fun. My Realism Tweaks is a Fallout 3 overhaul, so it makes some rather dramatic changes to the game (changes over 2300 records and includes nearly 100 custom scripts).
- Do NOT install this mod unless you want the Wasteland to be a harsher place where you will have to struggle just to survive.
- Please do no make requests that I remove my skill damage increases, as that is totally contrary to my goal of making Fallout 3 a better RPG. One of the main elements of a RPG has always been that the amount of damage you do is ALWAYS determined by your skill level. Remove that, and you pretty much negate any reason to ever advance your skills. The way my mod handles weapon skill is that you gain a weapon damage BONUS as your weapon skills increase. This is just like the way that Perks give you bonuses.

IMPORTANT: My mod is balanced for NORMAL Difficulty. Using a Hard or Very Hard difficulty setting will just make the NPCs and Creatures even more difficult to kill (it will take more bullets), and your character will even be easier to kill. My Realism Tweaks already does both (mostly in my own unique ways). My Realism Tweaks are meant to be used together, so game balancing was done with all my modules loaded (with all my options enabled).

My Realism Tweaks makes more changes and is way more complex, than I can possibly cover in a ReadMe (even one this long). The full details on all my changes are listed in the Realism Tweaks section my FO3 Journal: . You should also take a look at my "Realism Tweaks User Guide" Word doc. If you just install my mod, without taking the time to understand how it changes the game, your character will probably not survive for very long.

Core Master (esm) and the Five Modules (esps):
The Core Master (Arwen_Core.esm) and Realism Core module are required (the other four modules are optional).

My Realism Core is mostly activated at the very beginning of the game (or whenever you install and active it). But my Realism Core Quest does not begin until after Amata wakes you and you leave your Vault apartment during the Escape Quest (but not until you are no longer flagged as being in combat). After a few game minutes, my pop-up welcome message will be displayed; my Options Menu, will be added to your inventory; all future XPRs will be reduced to 25% of their default amount; and the Timescale will be set to 8. The Realism Quest ends about 1 real minute after you exit Vault 101 (or after activating my Realism Tweaks in a saved game), when you will receive my 2nd message, and my Realism Tweaks note is added to your inventory. If you are using the optional modules, they will be initialized soon after the Realism Core Quest is finished. Note: My Fatigue and Strain HUD meters will not be displayed unless you follow my HUD Setup instructions exactly.

1.) Realism Core (Arwen_Realism_Core.esp):
- Required module.
- [Arwen's Option Menu]: in-game selection of features and settings that enable you to customize how my mod affects your game play. Most optional features are disabled by default, so you have to enable the ones you want.
- You will now level up much slower (adjustable).
- Reduced Carrying Capacity (stats now a much greater factor).
- Endurance is a much greater factor in determining your Base Health. With 5 END, your HPs are identical to the default Level 1 amount; but below 5 END you get a bit less HPs; and above 5 END you get a bit more HPs. The biggest difference is that you no longer gain +10 HPs when you level up.
- More immersive and more balanced VATS, with new Action Points formula (with Agility being a greater factor).
- Smarter AI: combat with NPCs is now much more challenging, and sneaking is now much more realistic.
- Dynamic Stealth: factors in time of day, weather conditions, interior/exterior cell type, player's Sneak skill, and the player's actions.
- Timescale Settings(adjustable): allows you to easily change your Timescale (my default TS is 8). This is done through a special script, so that the selected Timescale will work properly with my other Time options.
- Dynamic Timescale (optional): 50% slower Timescale in interior cells, during combat, or when your health is lower than 25%.
- Menu Time (adjustable): the game clock no longer stops while in menus.
- The Wasteland is now a much less forgiving place. Your character is now weaker and much more vulnerable, and the NPCs are stronger and healthier (with better armor and weapons across all levels).
- Pain has greater effect on player, and swimming or wading in radioactive water is now 10 times more deadly. Burns continue to damage HP after the flames stop (and include my Agility penalties). Poisons do more HP damage, over a MUCH longer duration (and also include Agility penalties).
- Localized Damage: strategic hits are more effective (such as crippling shots), and head shots now do a LOT more damage. Super Mutants are now VERY hard to kill.
- Increased Weapon Skill DAM multiplier (a Bonus multiplier, not a penalty reduction, that increases weapon damage up to 3x).
- All weapons rebalanced: underpowered weapons were improved and overpowered weapons were reduced in DAM/sec. Skill and weight requirements were increased for many weapons. Condition of ranged weapons now has a more effect on how much damage it does, and damaged weapons will not fire as fast and have greater chance of jamming after reloading. Automatic Weapons take a bit longer to cool down. Removed the zoomed-in view when aiming most non-scoped pistols (and a couple of the rifles), but scopes added with mod kits will still zoom correctly.
- Weapon Ability Penalties (optional): you will be increasingly less effective when your skills are lower than a weapon's skill requirement, or when your Strength is lower than a weapon's strength requirement. If your stats are too low, you will not be able to use some weapons (less than 30% of skill requirement, or more than 3 points below strength requirement). [Note: Weapon skill requirement is based on Weapon DAM, and STR requirement is based on Weapon weight.]
- Tougher Crippled Arm Penalties (optional): Your Strength and Weapon Skills are reduced and you cannot use VATS when an arm is crippled. Penalties are greater for a crippled right arm than for a left arm, and even greater when both arms are crippled. But does not directly prevent you from using any weapon.
- Skill Based Accuracy (optional): aiming accuracy is based on your skill for that type of weapon (also dynamically improves Auto-Aim, as your weapon skill increase).
- PipBoy Locked during Combat (optional): No more combat timeouts to change into better armor, repair weapons, or take a lunch/beverage break. But the default Hotkeys (1-8) will still work, so you will be able to equip any hotkeyed item.
- Balances armor/clothing values, weight, damage resistance, and "enchanted" effects. Most armor now weighs 50% less when worn, and equipped Power Armor weighs only 25% as much. Helmet AR now equals 25% of total armor AR.
- Enhanced repair lists for both weapons and armor.
- Unique Weapon Effects (optional): Gunshot knock downs, Whack and Blast knockouts, based on Armor Rating.
- Fatigue HUD, displays fatigue as a percentage (how fatigued you are). When you reach 100% fatigue, you pass out.
- Unique Visual FXs (optional): when wearing sunglasses and reading glasses; and for damaged AGL and PER.
- More realistic explosions, projectiles, grenade physics, and death force effects. Spent shells now last 4 game hours.
- Adjustable Dismember Chance setting.

2.) Hard-Core (Arwen_Hard-Core.esp):
- Optional module that expands the difficulty and challenge of the Realism Core module, where your stats have an even greater impact on your game play.
- Initial Skill Points: 5 less points to distribute in your SPECIALs, with about half as many skill points at beginning, which will increase roughly half as fast.
- When you first install this module, my Hard-Core Quest will be initialized about 1 minute after Realism Core quest is completed. When beginning a new game, or when first loading a saved game in which you are still at level 1 or 2, my quest will reset your number of SPECIAL points to 35; plus you will have to select your tagged skills again. This may be a bit of a pain in a new game, but this is the only way that I can make this work with older saved games, and with alternate start mods that skip the tutorial.
- At the end of the quest, you can now pick one of my character Traits (or not select any). I selected some from Fallout 2 and added some of my own unique Traits, to expand character builds in a way that will have a major effect on your game play (especially early in the game).
- Overhauls Bobbleheads, changes Skill Books, modifies 95% of the default Perks and adds a few of my own unique perks.
- Your character's Gender now affects your Carrying Capacity, your total Health Points, your ability to Barter, and how well you can Repair your gear. Plus there are now gender differences for the Strong Back and Life Giver Perks.
- Fewer HPs than with Realism Core, which is gender-based [females get 10 less HPs; males get 25 less HPs].
- Further reduced carrying capacity, which is gender-based [for 1 to 10 STR, female range is 60 to 150 pounds; male range is 65 to 200 pounds].
- Bartering Overhaul: You will now have to pay a LOT more for supplies (and you'll receive a LOT less in trade). Your Bartering skill now plays a MUCH larger factor. And your gender now has an impact: female characters receive a 5% net Barter bonus (for equal Barter skill ). . . females receive 10% more than males for the items they sell, but males pay 5% less for the items they purchase.
- Caps, food, weapons, and ammo are now MUCH less abundant in the Wasteland (amount of spawned loot is now based on your Luck stat). Plus Dynamic Respawn Rates, that are based on your Timescale setting.
- Repair Overhaul: items used for repairs will now improve the weapon or armor a bit less, your repair limit is now gender-based (male bonus). Merchant repair costs were significantly reduced, and are based on your Barter skill. This should make paying for repairs a more viable option.

3.) Encumbrance module (Arwen_Encumbrance.esp):
- Optional module (balanced for my Hard-Core module, but can be used with just my Realism Core).
- Encumbrance Quest starts about 3 minutes after Realism Core Quest has completed.
- You now suffer from Strain (similar to fatigue), which increases when walking with more than 100% encumbrance, and whenever you are running.
- Strain increases faster as you become more encumbered, and is based on game time, so it increases faster with higher Timescales.
- Strain also increases faster when your health drops below 50%. Jumping and swinging a melee weapon increases your Strain (so do NOT hold down your jump or attack key/button).
- If your Strain exceeds 100% you will collapse, injure yourself, and your equipped weapon will return to your inventory.
- Dynamic movement speeds: the more you are encumbered, the slower you move. You also gain a running speed bonus when your encumbrance is below 60% and your health is 50% or higher. When your Strain is greater than 75%, your running speed will progressively slow down; but the rate that your Strain increases will also slow down.
- FastRun: when your Strain is below 70%, holding down the Activate key (spacebar by default) while running gives a 50% speed increase, but your Strain will increase 5 times as fast. If your weapon is out, your speed will be a bit slower (just like with normal running). If crouching, toggling FastRun will make you stand up and FastRun.
- How much your legs are damaged is now factored into your Running Speed (including your FastRun speed).
- Running while both legs are crippled will rapidly damage your fatigue (you cannot FastRun if either leg is crippled).
- Using Jet or Ultra Jet will immediately clear your Strain (reset to 0), which can be a lifesaver during combat.
- HUD Strain display: movable by holding down the grab key, and then using the arrow keys to move it. [Note: the Strain meter will not be displayed unless you follow my Stain HUD Setup instructions exactly.]
- Strain decreases when you rest (when you stop running, or when you stop walking with over 100% encumbrance), and while you are in menus. How fast your Strain decreases depends on how encumbered you are. Plus your Strain will decrease 33% faster when you are sitting or crouching (non-moving sneak mode).
- During combat your Strain will only be reduced when you are not moving. And will not be reduced during combat when in menu mode.
- Dynamic Jump: How high/far you can jump is now based on your Agility and Encumbrance. You will not be able to jump at all when your AGL is really low, when you are over-encumbered, or when a leg is crippled.
- Increased Armor Encumbrance: you will now move noticeably slower when wearing heavier armor.
- My Encumbrance notes are also added to your inventory, for easy reference.

4.) Med-Tec module (Arwen_Med-Tec.esp):
- This optional module is a complete Needs/Injuries Mod. My Med-Tec Scanner tracks 24 stats and expands self-treatment.
- IMPORTANT! This is my most complex module, so you really should read my "Realism Tweaks User Guide.doc" (in Fallout 3\Data) and/or the Realism Tweaks section of my website (http://arwenevecom.ipage.com/Fallout/FO-mods04.htm), which explains all the details.
- Med-Tec Quest starts about 6 minutes after Realism Core Quest has completed and takes about 3 minutes to complete (the quest’s timer is paused if you are inside or engaged in combat). Once it begins, just follow the quest instructions.
- Added to your inventory: a Medical Brace, 2 Bandages, an Antibiotic Injection, a Stimpak, a 16 ounce Bottle of Purified Water, and my Fire Starter (for making campfires).
- Your initial Needs are then calculated (based on how much time has passed since 6 am), and your initial Wound Level and Blood Lost are calculated (based on how much your HP has been damaged).
- Quick Scan Hotkey [M] monitors your most vital stats during game play, automatic scan whenever you are injured, and Full Scan Hotkey [Rt Ctrl] for diagnosis and treatment of injuries (while not in combat).
- No Fast Travel when very tired, thirsty, or hungry, or when your Health is less than 40%.
*** The Injuries Part:
- Adds Wounds, Burns, Blood Loss, Trauma, Infections, and their treatment.
- Injuries are based directly on degree of injury, type of weapon, and Armor Level.
- Moderate injuries slowly heal (based on your Endurance), but Severe injuries require medical treatment (self-treatments are based on your Medicine skill).
- Bandages, Tourniquets, and Splints all have penalties while they are equipped, and are automatically removed when they are no longer needed.
- Dynamic Health Regeneration: based on your current Endurance and limited by your condition. Slower Regeneration when sleeping.
- Damaged limbs slowly heal, but only if the limb is not crippled (a Medical Brace is then require to heal).
- Doctors no longer fully heal moderate or severe injuries. What you get for your caps is treatment, not instant health restoration.
- Your Personal Infirmary can still be used to treat the game's default injuries.
- Stimpak Animation Effect (with Hotkey): You can still give yourself an injection during combat, but this now happens in real time, while you will be incapacitated for a few seconds. Each injection also damages your Fatigue, messes up your vision, and reduces your Strength. Stimpaks will not restore your Health higher than 75% (this is balanced by my Health Regen).
- Morphine and Antibiotic injections also use the injection animation (but no hotkeys). Morphine injections also include a visual penalty and damage Intelligence.
- Most other chems were also rebalanced.
- Med-Tec supplies are available from doctors, main merchants, and caravans (and are restocked daily). [Note: not every Med-Tec supply will be restocked every day.]
- Poison from DeathClaws and RadScorpions now remains in your system for 2 game hours, slowly damaging your health and fatigue. If you Wait, Sleep, or Fast Travel while you have poison in your system . . . when you return to normal game play, any poison damages for that time period will still be applied (and this will happen fairly fast).
*** The Needs Part:
- Water Need is Dynamic: basic requirement is 2 ounces/game hour, but increases when outdoors in the heat of the day, and decreases when sleeping.
- Most Beverages and fruit give you some water benefit, with the greatest amounts coming from the purest types of bottled water.
- With the exception of Purified Bottled Water, beverages no longer have any Healing effect, contain Rads, and will damage your health a bit (a Sanitizer will reduce the Rads).
- Purified Bottled Water restores some Health, but only when you have less than 70 HP (the lower your HP, the more it heals), and only if your Water Need is greater than 0. When your Water Need is less than 8 oz, the amount of healing is proportional to your Water Need.
- Empty water bottles can be refilled. Any water bottle can be filled at both Purified and Good water sources. A Pure or Good water bottle both yields a bottle of Good water, at either source (since the bottle is used). A Dirty water bottle always yields a bottle of Dirty water (from any source, since the bottle is dirty). Only Dirty Water bottles can be filled at Dirty water sources (yields a bottle of Dirty water). You also have the option to drink directly from these water sources. And you can drink from surface water, but cannot fill your water bottles from it.
- Liquor now dehydrates you, but also restores your Fatigue.
- Nuka Colas use my Jolt effect to reduce your Sleep Need, but your Need jumps back up when my Jolt effect wears off.
- Food Need is Dynamic: your personal Food Need is based on your Permanent Strength and Endurance. An average PC (5 STR, 5 END) requires 9.6 Food Units every 24 game hours (0.4 unit/hour). [A 4 STR, 4 END character requires 8.4 Food/day; a 6 STR, 6 END character requires 10.8 Food/day.]
- 4 Food Levels: Food1 (Snack Food, 0.6 Food Units); Food2 (Light Meal, 2 Units); Food3 (Normal Meal, 3 Units); Food4 (Heavy Meal, 4 Units).
- Food no longer has any healing effect and most contains Rads (Sanitizer will reduce the Rads a bit).
- Eating fresh fruit and vegetables will reduce your Rad Damage, and some types of Red Meat will reduce your Blood Loss.
- Meat taken from dead animals is now Raw Meat (high in bacteria and RADS). Raw Meat and some of the packaged food will be less nourishing unless it is cooked.
- You can only butcher an animal (access their inventory) if you equip one of the following specific knives: Knife, Ant's Sting (unique Knife), Combat Knife, or Occam's Razor (unique Combat Knife).
- Dead animals will now only have usable meat for 6 game hours after they are killed (does not affect ones that were dead before you entered that cell)
- Raw Meat Limit: You can only remove meat from animals if you have less than 4 chunks of raw meat in your inventory; plus you only have room to carry 4 chunks of raw meat (you will drop any additional raw meat).
- Fire Starter: used to create a campfire, which can be used to cook food, purify water, and to craft sterile bandages (once you have purchased a Mess Kit). [Refer to my Fire Starter Instructions for the full details on using your Fire Starter.
- Eating causes your Digestion Level to increase (will slowly decrease when you are not eating).
- Eating when you are not hungry makes you sick, gaining no benefit from the food.
- When your RADS are 100 or higher, your Radiation Level (displayed in Med-Tec Scan) will increase while you are digesting food, and will slowly decrease once your Digestive Level returns to 0, or whenever your RADS drop below 100. You get Radiation Sickness when your Radiation Level reaches 5, and you no longer gain any benefit from eating or drinking (you will just get sick). Radiation Sickness lasts until your Radiation Level drops back down below 5.
- Most food and water contains Bacteria, which causes Food Poisoning if your Bacteria Level gets too high. Cooking your food and having a Mess Kit will greatly reduce the amount of Bacteria.
- Sleep Need: You require 1 hour of Sleep for every 2 hours that you are awake. When your Sleep Need is 0, you won't need to sleep for 16 hours before you become Sleepy; after 20 hours you'll be Very Tired; after 24 hours you'll be Exhausted; after 32 hours you'll be Delirious. A one-hour nap will no longer fully healed you. You now heal while you are sleeping at a slower rate as when you are awake (and with the same restrictions). You cannot sleep when you have excessive bleeding; you cannot take a nap until your Sleep Need is greater than 1 hour; and the longest you can sleep is the amount of your Sleep Need (rounded up).
***[Med-Tec Options menu]:
- Pause/Resume the injuries and needs (before and after entering simulators).
- Prepare to uninstall; Restart the Med-Tec Quest; Change the Med-Tec Scan hotkey; change the Stimpak Injection hotkey.

5.) One Life (Arwen_OneLife.esp):
- This optional module was balanced to be used with my Full Realism Tweaks. It does not require my Med-Tec module, but was coded to work with my Med-Tec Injuries and Needs.
- One Life Quest starts about 5 minutes after the Realism Core Quest has completed, and your first Revival Point is set and your first One Life save pair is made.
- You no longer die. Instead you now pass out and are left for dead. When you finally do come to again, you discover that you have been looted and left for dead. This is my own unique concept, where your character's death becomes a major penalty, instead of just an inconvenient reload.
- Important! Auto-Saves need to be disabled when this module is active, and please do not use Quick-Saves or Quick-Loads (or any mod that alters the default saves or adds automatic saves). This module relies on my scripted saves, and if the most recent save is not a One Life save, the module will not function correctly (death will just result in a default reload).
- There are two different ways that will result in your "death":
- 1.) Normal Death happens when your HPs are reduced to zero faster than Near Death can save you. This should result in an automatic reload of my OneLife_Death save, along with my added penalties for "dying."
- 2.) Near Death kicks in just before your HPs bottom out. You immediately pass out and are revived, usually without an automatic reload (the penalties are mostly identical to Normal Death).
- Your character is generally revived at your last Revival Point, which is updated about every 6 real minutes.
- You are looted of 90% of your caps, 50% of your Stimpaks, and 50% of your equipped weapon's ammo. Your Weapon was unequipped and is now a bit more damaged. Your equipped body armor receives 10% damage on each Near Death, to simulate the damage it took when you were injured (it is looted on Normal Death, but you can buy it back from the merchant who ended up with it).
- It is now later, because you were unconscious for 1.8 to 6 game hours (based mostly on your character's Endurance, but with Strength also factored in).
- If you are wearing sunglasses when you die, they are returned to your inventory (prevents Shades effect from making it too dark to see).
- If my Med-Tec module is also active, your injuries are adjusted so that player should generally not die while unconscious. And your Stimpaks will not be looted, since your Med-Tec injuries generally increase when you "die."
- Rescue feature (Med-Tec module must be active): Kicks in when you trigger a One Life death (works with both Normal Death and Near Death), AND only when your injury levels are high, AND when you have no stimpaks and no bandages left. You will then revive at a safer location, where your injuries have been treated (but you may still be in pretty rough shape). Being rescued comes with even greater penalties than my other One Life revivals, so this should be something to avoid.
- Your Stats are saved in a special One Life scripted save. Timed One Life Saves and Revival point updates happen about every 6 real minutes (as long as your health is greater than 15%) or when you move between interior and exterior cells. Changing armor or equipping a different weapon will also trigger a One Life save. When you load a saved game, a Revival Point is set and a One Life save is made almost immediately.
- There are 3 sets (of pairs) of One Life saves that constantly rotate (older saves are overwritten by newer ones), so you may want to do an occasional manual save. But if you die before my scripted save is updated, the default death/reload will be triggered. [Hint: after you make a manual save, equip a different weapon and the next One Life save will happen sooner.]
- Loading the last OneLife_Alive save will just restore your game at the last One Life backup autosave. Loading the last OneLife_Death save will initiate a Normal Death, with the normal One Life death penalties (useful if you experienced a CTD on death). But you should avoid loading a One Life save from a previous gaming session (after starting the game), as the game doesn't like loading older Revival points, after new ones have been set.
- When you are finished with a game session, you should always make a manual save before you quite the game (and you should always load your manual save when you resume your game).
- Warning: Some users have experienced increased CTDs when using this module. I've done my best to optimize my scripts, and I've added code that minimizes demand during save and reload as much as possible. But if this module seems to make your game less stable, just stop using it (uncheck the esp in FOMM). I've also posted some ways to reduce the chances of the game crashing in the Fallout Journal section of my website (at the end of my One Life module's section).

Bundled Compatibility Patches:
See my Compatibility Patches ReadMe for the details on all of these patches (Arwen_Compatibility_Patches.txt)
Select the ones you need on my Realism Tweaks Setup menu (when the mod is activated with FOMM).
1.) GOTY Compatibility Patches [Require All 5 DLC (or GOTY edition)]. Three patches are now included (install any that apply).
2.) MMM Compatibility Patches [Requires MMM - Mart's Mutant mod]. Two versions - select only one.
3.) RH_IronSights Compatibility Patches [Requires Rh_IronSights-FOSE]. Two versions - select only one.
4.) Other Compatibility Patches: EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanced Compatibility Patch AND Brahmin Dairy Products/Med-Tec Compatibility Patch.
Note: My RiPnO Compatibility Patches are NOT compatible with my new Med-Tec module and is now only available as a separate optional file.

Installing (and Updating):
IMPORTANT! If you don't uninstall correctly or reinstall correctly, you will likely severely mess up your game.

*** If updating from earlier versions, I strongly recommend that you start a new game. [Alternately, you could try doing a Clear Save install, but I cannot guarantee that all my new scripts will work correctly.]

Part A.) Prepare your Saved Game & Uninstall Previous version:
- When you will be starting a new game, you only need to do step 7 (if it applies) and then immediately install the new version.
1.) Start the game and load the save you want to continue from.
2.) If you are using my Med-Tec module, opened the in-game Med-Tec Options menu, and click on "Prepare to Uninstall."
3.) Unequip ALL clothing, hats, helmets, & eye wear. This ensures that your stats are not being altered by "enchanted" clothing.
4.) Make sure your SPECIALs are not being reduced (-) or increased (+) by any effects (if any are, wait for the effect to wear off).
5.) Also make sure your PipBoy Light is OFF (or you'll mess up your sneak skills).
6.) Immediately save your game to a new save slot (do not overwrite an earlier save) and quit the game.
7.) Uninstall any previous version of my Realism Tweaks. [Open the FOMM, open Package Manager, select "Arwen's Realism Tweaks," and click the "Deactivate button. Then right click on "Arwen's Realism Tweaks," and pick delete.]
8.) If you are not going to immediately reinstall my Realism Tweaks (or when a Clean save is required), you MUST also remove any edits that you made to the hud_main_menu.xml file [see "HUD Setup" below].
Note: When a Clean save is required, you have make a SECOND new save AFTER uninstalling the previous version. This is the CLEAN save, since it does not include any part of my mod.

Part B.) Installation of my Realism Tweaks with FOMM:
1.) Open the Package Manager, click the "Add New" button, and select Arwen_Realism_Tweaks_7_0.zip (or current version).
2.) After the fomod is created, find and select "Arwen's Realism Tweaks" and click on the "Activate" button.
3.) The "Arwen's Realism Tweaks Setup" will appear. The Core Master and the Realism Core module will already be checked. Check any additional modules you want in your game, also make sure you check any compatibility patches that you may need. (Note: clicking on the module/patch name will give you information about it.) Then click on the "Install" button.
4.) The esps should be their correct load order (see Load Order section below).
5.) Follow my "HUD Setup" instructions, to add my Fatigue and Strain HUD displays.
6.) Start the game and load your previous saved game (or begin a new game), and continue playing from this point only.

HUD Setup (Same instructions for both DarN UI and default UI):
1.) You must edit your existing hud_main_menu.xml file for my Fatigue and Strain Meters to be displayed in your HUD readout (the two meters are independent of each other).
2.) The hud_main_menu.xml file is found under data\menus\main. Make a backup copy before editing (comes in handy when you uninstall my Tweaks). [If there is no hud_main_menu.xml file, you can just add my edited version, found under data\menus\prefabs\Arwen\main. Just copy and paste it into data\menus\main.]
3.) Open up the hud_main_menu.xml file in a text editor (such as Notepad++)
4.) Just above the last line, paste the following line of code:
5.) If you are using my Encumbrance module, the following line of code is also needed:
Note: For both Fatigue and Strain meters, the last three lines should look like:

6.) Save and close the file.
7.) Your Fatigue stat should now appear in your HUD, below all your other stats, as: "Fatigue: xx%." Your Strain stat should now appear in your HUD as: "Strain: xx%." [Note: you will likely have to move one or both displays (see next step) and they will not work correctly until the modules have been initialized.]
8.) Move the Fatigue HUD by holding down the Sneak key (Lf-Ctrl by default) for 2 seconds, and using the arrow keys to move it. Move the Strain HUD by holding down the grab key (z by default). After you have move the displays where you want them, save your game (so that you don't have to do this again). You can move them any time.
9.) Note: If you install any mods that overwrite the hud_main_menu.xml, and my Fatigue and/or Strain HUD displays disappear, you will have to add my line(s) of code again.

Load Order
- The Load Order is extremely important! An incorrect Load Order could break some scripts, which would mess up your game play.
- In order to insure that all my Tweaks are being applied (and that other mods are not overriding any) put the esps near the end of your load order (generally after any mods that make changes to same portions of the game).
- See compatibility section (below) for load order with some specific mods.
- If you installed any of my compatibility patches, the Arwen_Compatibility_Patches.txt file gives their correct load order.
- Load order:
--> Arwen_Core.esm (this should be the last esm loaded, to ensure that it is not being overwritten)
--> Arwen_Realism_Core.esp (put as low as possible in your load order)
--> Arwen_Hard-Core.esp
--> Arwen_Encumbrance.esp
--> Arwen_Med-Tec.esp
--> Arwen_OneLife.esp

Other Translations:
Arwen_Realism_Tweaks_RUS: version 5.9 of my Realism Tweaks, translated into Russian: http://fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=15769

Incompatibilities (without specific compatibility patches):
- Do NOT include any of my modules if you create a Bashed or Merged patch. My Tweaks include nearly 100 custom scripts, many of which will not be Bashed or Merged correctly.
- Many of my Game Setting changes are made by my scripts, so many incompatibilities will not show in FO3Edit.
- My Realism Tweaks will overwrite any mods that make any of the changes I have listed here.
- Do NOT use my Realism Tweaks with other balancing mod that make changes to the same game elements, as this will unbalance the game play (by making some things too easy, while making others too difficult).
- My Realism Tweaks are not compatible with mods that alter the specs of default armor/clothing.
- My Realism Tweaks are not compatible with mods that alter the specs of default weapons or default projectiles.
- The Med-Tec module is not compatible with ANY mods that add injuries, treatments, or needs (or that modify food, beverages, or chemical/medicine).
- My mod is NOT compatible with FOOK or FWE (even though my earlier Smarter AI module is integrated into FWE).
- The One Life module is not compatible with ANY mods that alter the way that games are saved.
- My Reduced XPR mod should no longer be used with my Realism Tweaks, since my Tweaks (from v.4.7 on) include my new XPR multiplier, which is configurable from my Options Menu.
- My VisionFX mod should no longer be used with my Realism Tweaks, since a slightly different version is already integrated into my Tweaks (from v.4.8 on).

Compatible with the following mods:
- DLC and GOTY Edition: Fully compatible if you have the GOTY edition (or all 5 DLCs) installed, and install my GOTY patches.
- Marts Mutant Mod (MMM) [http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3211]: Fully compatible if you install one of my MMM patches.
- RH_Ironsights–FOSE [http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=6938]: Fully compatible if you install one of my RH_IronSights patches.
- EVE - Energy Visuals Enhanced [http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=5830]: Fully compatible, if you install my EVE Patch.
- Feminized Power Armor [http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=5212]: Should be compatible, but you MUST load it AFTER my Arwen_Realism_Core.esp. You will, however lose my changes to any Power Armor that this mod overwrites.
- Missing Unique Armor and Clothing [http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=2072]: Should be fully compatible, but you MUST load it BEFORE my Arwen_Realism_Core.esp.
- Achievement Remover [http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=3813]: Should be fully compatible, but you MUST load it BEFORE my Arwen_Hard-Core.esp.
- My Gore_No_More mod(http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=7318): Load AFTER my Arwen_Realism_Core.esp for the least amount of dismemberment. (Or load it before my Arwen_Realism_Core.esp. if you want a 5% chance of dismemberment, or have selected the default 50% Dismember Chance in my Options Menu.)
- Should be compatible with Alternate Start mods (but I have only tested this with Alternate Start - Roleplayers)
- For more mods that I have personally tested for compatibility, visit my Fallout 3 Mod List [http://arwenevecom.ipage.com/Fallout/FO-mods.htm]

Known Issues or Bugs
- If you load a game which was saved while your character was unconscious, your character will likely have to endure all sorts of really weird and humiliating graphic effects (such as their body melting, stretching, falling through the game mesh, or being launched through the air). If they somehow manage to survive this ordeal, their body should return to normal. I know of no way to correct this, as it seems to be a game bug. My suggestion is simple: don't load a game that was saved while your character was unconscious.
- My Realism Tweaks adds nearly 100 custom scripts (some of which are quite complex), which will put an increased demand on your system. So I don't recommend installing my Tweaks if a PC that is struggling to run the default game.
- Some users have experienced increased CTDs when using my One Life module. I've tried my best to make to optimize my scripts, but this seems to be system specific, so there's nothing I can do to make this work for everyone. I have also posted how to reduce the chances of CTDs in the Fallout Journal section of my website (at the end of my One Life module's section).

Arwen's Fallout 3 Journal (contains additional info & help on my mods) - http://arwenevecom.ipage.com/Fallout/FO-mods04.htm
Official Fallout Mod Forum thread - http://forums.bethsoft.com/index.php?/topic/1228871-relz-arwens-realism-tweaks-thread-no13/

- Bethesda Softworks, for making Fallout 3.
- The Fallout Script Extender team for making FOSE
- 'DarN', for making the "DarNified UI F3" mod
- 'Imp of the Perverse', for his "HUD Counter Template" modder's resource , and for personally helping me add my Strain stat to DarN's UI.
- ALL the great guys on the Official Bethesda Fallout 3 - The G.E.C.K. forums, who freely gave of their time to guide a pretty clueless, whining, rookie script-writer.
- All the users who have given me such great feedback, and suggestions, and have helped chase down all those pesky bugs.

Other mods by Arwen:
- Gore_No_More (http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=7318)
- Less_Blood (http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=7400)
- Arwen_NV_Realism_Tweaks (http://www.newvegasnexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=34759)
- Arwen _Reduced_XPR (http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=7674) - no longer needed with my Realism Tweaks.
- Arwen_VisionFX (http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=9558) - now integrated into my Realism Core module as a toggle-able option.

Whatever . . . but I'm not responsible for any bad karma that this mod may cause. So if you want to use it, you have to agree not to blame me for anything (as I just could not handle that). You do have my permission to credit me (and my mod) for any good karma that you may receive.

I hope that you enjoy my mods, as I do this solely as my gift to spread my own enjoyment of RPGs to other gamers.

~ Arwen ~