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The Regulators, Mysterious Stranger, are now in control of the 4th Dimensional Wasteland, accessible through Mothership Zeta technology and sequestered from the Enclave.
Red trench coat wearing Time Traveler guardian angel perk. Regulator Perk to 4th Dimensional Portal in new Bunker.

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4.2.24 A Pre-Release 

  • The Regulators are now guardians of a 4D Teleporter previously controlled by the Enclave.
  • Mysterious Stranger is now a Time Traveler with a red trenchcoat and hat.
  • 4th Dimesional Wasteland is a vibrant, vast new area to explore. 
  • This new 4D Wasteland was previously configured as the Mojave Desert in Fallout New Vegas and has been reverse engineered into a Martian wasteland.
  • Mothership Zeta technology sequestered from the Enclave. 
  • New V-09 Hazard Power Armor, found at the Regulator 4D Portal exit
  • Red trenchcoat wearing Time Traveler guardian angel perk / Replaces Mysterious Stranger
  • Regulator Perk to 4th Dimensional Portal in new Bunker. Once you access the Regulator HQ, go in back and there's a buker leading to the 4D teleporter.
  • Bring a motorcycle to the 4th Dimension. Not included, but would be very fun and useful for traveling in the mysterious 4TH DIMENSION...



Explore a mysterious Zetan alternate dimension.
Abandoned Enclave Science bunker with the teleporter.
Old content augmented with new plot and purpose 
New World-space and Environment.

Helpful Codes:

tmm 1 – Enables all locations as discovered to your Pip-Boy with fast travel
tmm 1,0,1 – Adds all map markers as undiscovered without fast travel.

This mod is an uncommon resultant of massive research and development into FO3 and FONV by modder 90SK.

The best way to do the mod is to use the Regulator Perk / Underground HQ Teleporter. Otherwise, to get directly there: COC 4dentry


FONC Team and Community for Inspiration

Obsidian Entertainment for their work with Fallout NV and the Wasteland terrain generation.

Bethesda for their excellent work in the Fallout universe.

If you experience a lockup or crash, please try Fallout Script Extender &

Fallout3 WinXP-7-8-10 Multicore Threading 4GB LAA with 4GB FOSE Setup


  • Entry to World Established
  • Reasonable Start on about 15 Exterior Locations 
  • Some areas without map markers, resolved. One or two additional areas from 0.07 were revealed.
  • Terrain Rework finalized here.