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MCTF - Multi-Core Threading Fix - for short.
This enables support for 4GB LAA, Multi-core and Threading. As well as 4GB LAA FOSE support. This should allow for smoother gameplay, faster loading times, better fps, enhanced quality and eliminate crashes.

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for December 2015

Thanks very much all.

MCTF - Multi-Core Threading Fix

Fallout New Vegas Version Here

*Update log 10/29/2022

2022 - Update 1.3a
Check DOCs tab above for changes.
2 line corrections and 1 adjustment.

2021 - Update 1.3
Check DOCs tab above for changes.
Updated to work with newest version of Fallout3 on Steam (Anniversary) and GoG

*NEW Step:
Delete any files contained in the Documents\My Games\Fallout3 folder, before placing new files.
DO NOT delete the Save folder.
- This will allow the game to generate new ini's after the game launcher is run.
You will need to run the launcher and game at least once from the normal launcher for new ini generation.
Do this for both new setups and updated setups.

*Note: Any added changes you had added manually to your previous ini's besides this update, will need to be re-added. i.e. unlocking your FPS or other.
The new ini's will only contain the changes I have made otherwise.

You will need to adjust your mouse speed ingame under settings after completed.

Check video below for setting change to unlock FPS

To Install:

Make a folder called "originals" in your game folder and copy/paste the original files there.
 (fallout_default.ini, fallout3.exe)

Step 1:

Extract the contents of the download.
Place the Fallout_default.ini and the 4GB patch in your Fallout folder.
Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 3 (goty)
GOG:    C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Fallout 3

GOG and Steam:
Place the Fallout.ini in C:\Users\<>\Documents\My Games\Fallout3.
*NEW Step: Delete any files contained in the DOCs folder, before placing new files.
DO NOT delete the Save folder.

Step 2:
Run the 4GB patch and select the Fallout3.exe,
apply to enable 4GB LAA. You should get a patch successful screen.
GOG users need not apply the patch to the game exe, only the FOSE.

Run Game Launcher. Set hardware and game settings.
If game does not start, reboot PC for changes to take effect.
Start normally.
Setup your mouse speed ingame under settings.

Additional Installs:

If you have an Intel Graphics install this Intel Graphics Use the d3d9.dll only. The ini from this is fully compatible.
If you receive an  xlive.dll error install this Winlive update
ENB with Sweetfx here

Additional Step:

(click the win10 start button & click the gear icon)
Go to Windows10 Settings, System, Display, Graphics settings
Click Browse and goto the game folder 
Steam: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Fallout 3 (goty)
GOG:    C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Fallout 3
Select the Fallout3.exe

Once selected Fallout3.exe will appear under the "Browse" button.
Select it and click "options", select High performance and save.

To Uninstall:

Move the fallout3.exe and fallout_default.ini files from Originals folder back to game folder.
Goto \Documents folder and delete the Fallout.ini
Run The Game Launcher and setup your hardware again.

Read This If You Want To Use FOSE with the New Steam Version.

- As there is no update to FOSE for the new Steam Anniversary version yet, you need to do this version downgrade.
Steam Anniversary Patcher for FOSE use

Continue using the ini's from this mod.
Apply the 4GB patch from this mod to the FOSE exe -after-.

*Not Required for GoG, see below notes.
Normal FOSE setup works fine with GoG

Adding the Fallout3 Script Extender
Download and extract the files to your game folder.
C:\Program Files (x86)\GOG Galaxy\Games\Fallout 3
Run the 4gb patch and direct it to the game folder, apply it to the fose_loader.exe.

Make a shortcut to your desktop from the fose_loader.exe and launch from this. 
Start and play.

*GoG has no dependencies. Only updating the ini's and patching the FOSE is required.

Renaming Launcher (FOSE)
Adds normal launcher support

Goto your game folder
Create a new folder and name it originals.
Place the FalloutLauncher.exe in the Originals folder.
Rename the fose_loader.exe to FalloutLauncher.exe.
Start game normally.

In order to bring up the original launcher.
Open the game folder and drag and drop the renamed fose_loader.exe to the desktop.
Then from the originals folder, copy the launcher, then paste a copy into the game folder.
Run it and the launcher will come up, adjust the settings and close it off.
After you finish setting the hardware, just drag the renamed fose_loader.exe back
into the game folder and overwrite the copy of the original to return
it to the fose launcher.


Setup Videos and other help videos.
ENB File not included in Nexus Version.

Unlocking Your FPS

Gameplay Videos

Enhanced FOV

Standard FOV

Gameplay Help


Mod Information.

This should allow for smoother gameplay, faster loading times, better fps, enhanced quality and eliminate crashes.
For ini changes see DOCS tab above.


Adittional Tweaks

Download Cleanmem here to help improve your games and gameplay.

Nvidia Users.
Enable DSR here
Game Supports both DSR and MFAA

ATI Users:
Enable VSR here.

I hope this helps and enjoy your game.
Just a quick thank-you. I really appreciate the response and feedback I have gotten. Thanks very much.
Thanks to Danielle Pistelli and  NTCore for the 4GB patch software.
Thanks also to Nexus and the Nexus Community.