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======= Righteous Autority =======

Righteous Autority add a weapon of the same name that is present in Fallout 4.

The mod Add (For Now):
-Righteous autority (in Rivet City Market)

Since its a verry early prototype I also whana include a list of what i whana add:
-A Bit of lore about Danse when he was a kid (in terminal, dialog and notes)
-a quest to get back the weapon to the brotherhood in the citadel (or the evil option,
take back a similar weapon but not the good one)

Thanks for all, since it's my first Fo3 mod I am greatly open to feedback!

I consider the weapon balanced because it is stronger than a laser rifle on certain aspect
but weaker than a plasma rifle on others.

When you dig a little bit into Paladin Danse background from Fo4 you discover that he left
Rivet City (Fo3) a little bit before the event of Fallout 3 happen. He have pass
the major part of his childhoo there as a scraps marchant. The only part of lore I
played with it's the fact that he created Righteous Autority as a teenager and left
it at Rivet City (for the Lone Wanderer to find and get him back, or not)

I do not know if this mod wort putting my time into so if you can convice me it would be fun
for a lot of players and be a good addition to the game I promise to complete it,
for now I will slowly work on it as my mood go for it.

======= Requirements =======


======= Installation =======

Download and extract the archive to your Fallout 3 Data folder

======= Incompatibilities =======

None know

======= Update =======

V0.1 Add Unique Weapon Righteous Autority
V0.2 Add Goodbye letter and proper placement of Righteous Autority
V0.3 Correct the Stealing bug, Start working on the quest, make the letter more readable
v0.4 Add the script to start the quest, redoing the quest from the ground up, adding Righteous autority topic, making the first 2 quest stage work

======= Credits =======

Alexandre Corbeil alias Kitsune Draner for the mod idea and mod itself
Bethesda for Fallout 3 and the GECK