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A lore freindly mod that add the unique weapon Righteous Autority from Fo4.

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Righte´╗┐ous Autority add the weapon of the same name from Fallout 4

The mod Add (For Now):
  • Righteous autority (in Rivet City Market)
  • A background letter
  • A quest to "fix the timeline" and get Righteous Autority where it belong
  • Evil and good ending choice

Since its a verry early prototype I also whana include a list of what i whana add:
  • A Bit more of lore about Danse when he was a kid (in terminal, dialog and notes)
  • More stage to the quest or option to discover lore about the weapon and its creator.

Thanks for all, since it's my first Fo3 mod I am greatly open to feedback!

I consider the weapon balanced because it is stronger than a laser rifle on certain aspect but weaker than a plasma rifle on others.

When you dig a little bit into Paladin Danse background from Fo4 you discover that he left Rivet City (Fo3) a little bit before the event of Fallout 3 happen. He have pass the major part of his childhoo there as a scraps marchant. The only part of lore I played with it's the fact that he created Righteous Autority as a teenager and left it at Rivet City (for the Lone Wanderer to find and get him back, or not)

I do not know if this mod wort putting my time into so if you can convice me it would be fun for a lot of players and be a good addition to the game I promise to complete it, for now I will slowly work on it as my mood go for it.