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Fixes a bug where the streetlights don't switch on if you wait until after midnight.

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Recently I was trying out the mod Fallout Street Lights´╗┐ by┬áSpeedyB64 and RW2112 but I was puzzled 'cause I couldn't get any of the damn lights to work! I thought something was wrong with my Fallout 3 so I ended up uninstalling all my mods and restoring the game back to an un-modded state to rule out any conflicts; that didn't work so I tried everything else: game settings, INI tweaks, FOSE and yet nobody else seemed to be having the same problem as me! I even tried re-installing the game on a different PC! After a lot of head-scratching, I realised that the problem must be with the mod and not my setup. So I opened it up in FO3Edit and that was when it dawned on me.

So I realised that Fallout Street Lights uses a quest script to control when the street lights turn on at 7 AM and off at 7 PM. However, an error in the scripting logic (see the pictures!) means that if you wait before 7 PM until after 12 PM (i.e. 0 in gamehours), the lights won't turn on! This plugin simply corrects the bug.

Installation instructions:

Extract the archive to your Fallout 3 data folder using a mod manager or use Vortex, and activate the plugin. Requires the esm file from Fallout Street Lights to work!