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Adds six new weapons into the game that might as well always have been there.

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This mod aims to bring a bit more weapon variety to Fallout by adding 6 new weapons that each bring something to the table none of the base game and DLC weapons did. My primary goal was to keep this as true to the vanilla experience as possible and I ended up spending more time balancing all the stats than editing models. Light and immersive. That's also why the models look quite close to their vanilla counterparts and why I didn't make any custom ammo. Just consider this a small addon where you can easily forget that it's not a part of the vanilla game. You will find each of the weapons sold by vendors, in random containers throughout the game as well as carried by various NPCs and enemies. The leveled lists have been altered in a way that makes sense which means you'll only find the weapons on people that would otherwise have carried a weapon of the same type. So no enclave members with chinese pistols or anything. Same goes for loot containers and vendors. I'd say roughly a third of vanilla weapons will randomly be replaced with mine. I've tested them extensively and without tooting my own horn to much I have to say they're really fun to use without feeling cheaty. All animations work as you'd expect and the sounds fit each gun rather well. Also worth mentioning that, while not a requirement, this is out-of-the-box compatible with RH_IronSights (and I can only recommend using them together for maximum gun fun).
EDIT: As it turned out the IronSights models aren't 100% compatible with vanilla animations, so there's two main files now. Only download the one you need.

Detailed description for each weapon:

1. An automatic Chinese Pistol, same model as vanilla (which is why I didn't include a screenshot), chambered same as vanilla. Can spawn wherever chinese pistols spawn. Basically most useful early on where enemies are weak and good ammo is scarce.
2. A semi auto battle rifle, model based off the assault rifle but smaller clip and different colors, chambered same as vanilla assault rifle. Can spawn wherever assault rifles spawn. Most useful for non VATS builds due to its higher accuracy compared to it's full auto counterpart.
3. A suppressed battle rifle, model same as battle rifle but with a suppressor (shocking isn't it), chambered same as battle rifle. Can almost exclusively be looted or bought and won't be used by factions since none of them are really known for being stealthy. However, Ahzrukhal carries one so you can get your hands on it by recruiting Charon. It has lower base damage but higher crit damage than the non suppressed variant to complement a stealth build in the most effective way.
4. A chinese LMG, model based of the chinese assault rifle but slightly longer and fitted with a drum magazine, chambered for 5mm. Can be found wherever a chinese assault rifle could be. Useful when you want that heavy gun feeling without spending heavy gun skillpoints. Also the only other gun besides the minigun that uses 5mm.
5. A full auto laser rifle, model close to vanilla but colors changed to reflect the different ammo and slightly larger, chambered for EC packs. Can be found wherever a laser rifle could be. Usefulness same as the LMG but energy weapon flavored.
6. A laser sixshooter, .44 revolver model with a MF cell instead of a cylinder and energy weapon themed colors, chambered for MF cells. Can be found wherever a laser rifle could be but is overall rarer than other weapons. Also carried by Moriarty. Useful as an ammo conserving side arm or just because it's fun to look at.

Now I mentioned this is compatible with IronSights. The reason for that is that I used its assault rifle and laser rifle meshes as a base for mine. They look just like the vanilla ones but are ever so slighty tweaked to make the iron sights usable in first person. So huge thanks here to roguehallow for making that mod and allowing others to use his assets!

PS: If there's still anything you're missing or if you have another idea for a mod but don't know how to do it please never hesitate to ask. Chances are if I can make it I will.