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Give your Fallout 3 a long overdue face-lift with all new, high quality NPC attire! Features various ports from NV Nexus & utilizes face gen data from 'Project Beauty'.

Permissions and credits

First of all, I want to give a huge shoutout to zzJay and Dragbody for giving me permission to use their mods. A lot of what's featured here is originally made by them and this wouldn't even be possible without their hard work. If you want to thank them leave a kudos or support them on Patreon. Many other authors are featured here as well so be sure to check out the credits list at the bottom.

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This project is aimed to replace/add NPC's attire with much more modern and high quality clothing. It goes without saying but vanilla Fallout 3 clothing is drab and mundane. I grew tired of looking at the same handful of armors every playthrough so I took my collection of assets and got to work. It's as Crow says, "If the clothes make the man, then here are the means to re-make yourself."

Updates Log:


- Fixed two meshes for the 'Knit & Skirt' outfits, the leggings texture file pathing wasn't set up properly. Sorry about that.


- Three new outfits and two accessories have been added to the list. I also removed the original Road Warrior Outfit and swapped it for Dragbody's 'Armored Leather Jacket', which is infinitely better in every way possible. Gloves that were missing have been added for various outfits such as 'Merc Operative'.

-  Three more NPCs have been given unique clothing including Flak, a couple other NPCs have had their outfits swapped around but nothing much. (See Pictures)

- The attire can be purchased from various merchants instead of just having everything given to Bannon. A list of each merchant is listed further below with what they specifically sell.

- As of right now I do NOT plan on updating this mod with any more NPCs or unique attire. The main file is nearly at 300 MB as it is and anymore will become too much. Of course you may see a hotfix but nothing major planned for the future.


- Fixed a small graphical error with the male expedition outfit mesh.

- Added one more NPC to receive alternate clothing.

- General fixes/tweaks to the esp.


- Six more NPCs have been given new outfits, there's pictures posted of all the additional characters.

- Three new outfits and a beanie hat have been added along with female variations for the 'Modern Man' & 'Modern Sheriff' clothes. Pictures are posted for a majority of the new attire.

- The 'merc repair list' has been edited to include most of the new outfits that fall under that category.

Let's get into further details...

- The most important thing is that if you're continuing a saved game be sure to load inside an isolated interior. If you continue while near any NPC's it might not equip their new attire properly. Most of the female clothes require Type 3 but I feel that's pretty obvious nowadays.

- Many named NPC's have had their outfits swapped for new ones. This project started by including face gen data from Project Beauty so you won't see any ugly vanilla faces. I did my best to stay away from NPCs that are typically altered by other mods (i.e. Moira Brown, Sydney) so not everyone has been updated. There's pictures posted for a majority of the NPCs so that should give you a feel for what to expect. I wanted the outfits to represent the characters and make sense for who they are.

- Leveled list entries have been edited to include many of the new modern outfits. I did NOT edit Raiders, Talon Co, Regulators, Rivet City/Tenpenny Tower Guards, etc... Factions such as Town Settlers, Slavers and Wastelanders may be seen wearing the new attire. You can also find some clothing on corpses throughout the Wasteland.

- Various meshes/textures have been edited by me personally. Many of the meshes have been altered to be more minimalistic such as getting rid of holsters, pouches, straps, etc... Textures have been edited for all sorts of reasons; either too bright, too dull, slight tweak... you name it. Some textures have been swapped around and shared to create a little composition yet keep it all feeling fresh.

- There's an optional download that contains an esp I use for 'Scavanger Armors' that adds the outfits to NPCs. You have to download the original mod first then overwrite with my esp. The main file and optional download work in tantum to bring you the absolute best experience.

If you have the know-how I edited some of the outfits to use female meshes created from "Spice of Life" on New Vegas. I would port them but the permission is closed indefinitely. The 'Spice of Life' mod is compacted into a .bsa file so you'll need a Bethesda Archive Extractor program such as this: https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/78/

Merchant List:


- Merc Wanderer Outfit
- Merc Wanderer Hoodie
- Urban Survival Outfit
- Road Warrior Armor
- Mechanic Outfit
- Mechanic Cap
- Beanie
- Backwards Cap


- Knit & Jeans (Modern/Designer)
- Knit & Skirt (Modern/Designer)
- Crop Top (Modern/Designer)
- Designer Necklace
- Dukov's Party Clothes
- Modern Sheriff Outfit
- Etiquette Clothes
- Elegant Clothes
- Elegant Dress

Flak & Shrapnel:

- Casual Fatigues
- Modern Fatigues
- Army Fatigues
- Operative Fatigues
- Freelancer Outfit
- Riot Jacket
- Mercenary Fatigues
- Backwards Cap


- MacCready Duster
- Urban Survival Outfit
- Wasteland Rebel Outfit
- Road Warrior Armor
- Plaid Shirt & Jeans
- Expedition Outfit
- Beanie
- Commonwealth Outfit
- Commonwealth Waterskin

zzJay - Various clothing mods such as 'knit and skirt', 'evil detective', 'retro jeans'
Dragbody - Various outfits such as 'gunslinger', 'falling skies', 'the anger'
Thundersmacker - Merc wanderer outfits and gear
Toxa - Alice outfit
Weijeisen - Cubemaps used
Tau34RUS - With permission, tough traveler outfit
Hagyjalbeken - Alien isolation outfit
Dunmr - Plaid shirt and jeans outfit
Prodlimen - MacCready Duster
Jokerine - NV Beanie
Genox - Riot Armor
SariDecember - With permission, female Riot Armor mesh
Dala/Alma_16/WildGravity - Evil Detective type 3 NV conversion
Boomstick467 - With permission, female mesh on the 'Leather Jacket Armor' (New Road Warrior)

Tools Used:
GNU Image Manipulation Program
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