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Adds the Fallout 76 Pip-Boy created by the Molten Clouds team. It is a non-replacer meaning you can swap between it and the Pip-Boy 3000. Terminal location is in the Robco Facility near Tenpenny Towers. After equipping save and load said save to fix the screen and boom! You now have the amazing Pip-boy 2000 MK VI in Fallout 3.

Permissions and credits
This mod REQUIRES original textures and meshes but not the ESP.


1.) First download the original mod but make sure you download the non-replacer version and do it MANUALLY.

2.) Drag and drop the textures and meshes from the original mod into the Fallout 3 data folder but DO NOT drag the ESP.

3.) Download my mod MANUALLY and drag the ESP from that into the Fallout 3 data folder, then activate the plugin and it should work.


1.) Click on your files icon and go to documents, then click on My Games and click on Fallout 3.

2.) Click on Fallout.ini, scroll down to the bottom of the [Display] section and then look for fPipboy1stPersonFOV=47.

3.) Change that 47 to 55, then click file up in the left-hand corner and click save.

4.) Exit and make sure it looks normal in game. Once you've done all of that the Pip-Boy should be fully in the player's view.


MoltenCloudsTeam for the amazing Pip-Boy 2000 MK VI