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Now, you are necessarily equipped to travel through DC Ruins.

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*Shortly after release, this mod went to hot mods and became one of files of the month (August 2021). I, Retral, sincerely thank you for that. I never knew this mod attract this much attention. The fun fact is that I made this mod way before It's release. Never thought people interested in such a content. I released this mod under the impression of just to share with the community. I'm glad most of you enjoyed this creation. Again, thank you.*



I always hated the fact that when you exit your vault and you need to head to the capital, all Moira has to offer is an armored vault suit. What registered as armor on that outfit is beyond me. When I wear that outfit visually my left shoulder feels a little bit safer and that's it. With that and inspiration I took from the mod called ''Fallout Zero" where you need tools in order to progress, I created this outfit. D.C. is a dangerous place for sure and enemies are not the only threats. You have to also take precautions against ruins, radiation, locked/flooded/infested areas and metros, and such obstacles in your journey.

- In short, this mod offers a lore-friendly outfit that is a ''visually'' complete package. Tools, ammunition, protection everything you need for your journey. 

The outfit has small bonuses to carry capacity, lockpick, and small guns. Headgear is also there to complement the outfit which gives resistance to radiation.

- You can buy the pieces from Moira straight away.

- Requires ALL DLCs

- The mod uses vanilla assets which means it benefits from your favorite texture replacer mods.

- Upper backside of the outfit is left clear for your weapon and backpack mods. (See screenshot ''Backpack Example'')

- Gives protection close to an armored vault suit.

- Supports both genders.

- I recommend my PACS - Pump-Action Combat Shotgun that goes well with it.


 Pipboy glove remover Echo_UseYourGloves
One Handed Weapon Holster Replacer
 Pipboy Fix

Note: If  you are confused, the names of the pieces are
Now, you are ready for the capital.(ID XX000800)
Now, your set is complete.(ID XX000802)
I'm more than ready. (Full)(ID XX000EAD)
I'm more than ready. (Outfit)(ID XX000EAB)
I'm more than ready. (Headgear)(ID XX000EAC)
Now, you are ready for Point Lookout.(ID XX000EAE)
Now, you are ready for the capital. V2(ID XX001555)
Now, you are ready for that F.U.V. (Female only) (ID XX001BFE)
*XX is your load order number*