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Added: 28/01/2009 - 06:11AM
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Last updated at 6:19, 28 Jan 2009 Uploaded at 6:11, 28 Jan 2009

**Does not require Operation Anchorage to work

NOTE! There is no "Bigger hand" problem, its just the FOV effect when looking at the hands from an angle. If you use the TFC command and look at them head on, You will see they are the same size. I have done extensive testing and found this to be 100% true.

We all know how anoying it was seeing your skin on thur left hand while wearing power armor, or an HEV suit, or something that would normally have a glove on both hands. Well this changed that. By simply unflagging the pipboy glove from using the left hand, this prevents it from appearing, and taking the slot that would normally be used for the left hand glove.

This does not in any way alter the look of the pipboy itself.

None known.

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