About this mod

Lightweight immersive FWE type mod with alternative start , hunger and thirst, throwing weapons, ironsights, dynamic crosshair and more already built in

Permissions and credits
Hello guys. I am the original creator of Custom Beginning mod found here

I was banned a while ago for having 2 accounts and I have recently apologized to Nexus for my bad behavior and was given a second chance on this site.

I am, however, unable to access my main account because I no longer have access to the old email address  and therefore as per rules of the site I had to create a new account. 

NOTE : This mod requires Fallout 3 GOTY (or all DLCs) + FOSE (thefore you must have at least version FO3) + ArchiveInvalidInvalidated (of if you use FOMM you can use theirs same thing). When all the pieces are in place this mod can be loaded from Launcher (tick the esp mod there or if you use FOMM even better) and then run via fose_loader.exe

What is CB?

CB is a one stop mod. It adds quite a lot of functionality to Fallout 3 without changing the default game.Is meant to feel more like additions to FO3. When I was banned I could no longer reach this site so I had to re-invent the wheel such as  PI mod, ironsights, dynamic crosshairs and even had a working hud. I had some permissions and some mods downloaded and I used those as a base for the next 2 years to reinvent a lot of things. So for me I just play solely with this mod as my only overhaul. It adds all I need in one package.

CB started as a clone of Fallout Wanderers Edition Alternative Start mod. I was tired of having to always install FWE to get alt start. I wanted a more Vanilla experience plus Alt Start.

Later I added other features that other Fallouts had like Hunger, Thirst, Tiredness, Ammo Weights, Ironsights, Throwing, as well as integrated other useful mods into the mod like Sprint Mod, multiple ways to get power armor training,  Realistic Kill Reactions , CRAFT, CALIBR and a few others. Despite all the added content I  have always tried to stay as true  to vanilla games. Everything is included in the PipBoy as effects (all done using various fake  "named" effects) and GUI tricks etc. Using custom GUIs you might not get the full experience. 

In other words my mod aims to be a light overhaul that fits perfectly with vanilla and gives you EVERYTHING you need.

There are three features that were planned but NOT finished Ammo Swapping, Weather, dialogue changes to match histories.

Simple breakdown of why or when you should play my mod.

1. If you want a lightweight overhaul as close as possible to Vanilla game then DO play my mod.  A lot of my additions perfectly fit in the vanilla experience and only adds lore friendly stuff. I also add unique stuff like throwing, alt history, dynamic crosshairs, ironsights , ammo weight, primary needs and much more .

2. If you however  want complete game change with  with lots of additions as far away from vanilla as possible then I recommend FWE  + FOOK + Weapon Kits + MMM.  This is as distant from vanilla as you gonna get. You will get 1 headed brahmin, new type of mutated creatures, new drugs , alcohol heals rads, the weapons are completely different balance and there are completely diff weapons.

Here is a list of Features that stand out
- Alternative start mod (play roles other than default vault dweller)
- Customize every aspect of the game from stats calculations to how fast time passes to barter prices
- Primary needs (hunger , thirst, tiredness) displayed in pipboy
- Fruit plants that you can harvest every so often
- Ammo weight displayed in pipboy
- Geckos, Floaters, Wanamingos, and FEV subjects (Wanamingos and FEV subjects may be disabled)
- Ironsights (the mod has it's own and does NOT need RH_IRONSIGHTS )
- Realistic Kill Reaction (all npcs react to dead bodies)
- Throwing weapons (yes is true actually working throwing anim and throwing weapons inc throwing knife, throwing spear etc)
- Dynamic Crosshair
- Malo's Body morphs (all npcs look bigger if Str is high or skinnier if str is low OPTIONAL)
- Sprint Mod (included)
- Incorporates The Skeleton which is a universal skeleton for all bones (any mod that requires custom bones will work)
- Camera Swapping key by pressing "X"
- Incorporates Burnification mod (enemies killed by fire will look like burnt flesh if fleshy or burnt metal if robot)
-  Religion perks/quests
- All Caravans and followers are essential
- All follower use regular weapons and armor meaning you can swap everything out
- Children can be killed but no dismembering child bodies (intentionally) also when you kill children you will get Child Killer perk (makes no difference in game)
- Break down and craft ammo
- Ability to select 1 perk every 2 levels (from normal menu)

Histories / Race

- gives you perks that help you scavenge like Scrounger + starts you with a backpack (rare item that gives you bonus carry weight)

- better reaction in dilogue

Escaped Slave
- 10% faster

- added to regulator faction (Talon will always be hostile)

- added to Talon faction (Regulator will always be hostile)

- starts with Cyborg perk

- starts in outcast faction (BOS will be hostile)

Vault Dweller
- regular start in front of vault 101

- makes you older
- adds you do robot faction making most turrets and robots friendly

Underworld Resident
- added to underworld faction
- since you're a ghoul you will be hated by BOS but supermutants will be friendly

Chinese Operative
- requires ghoul starts with Ninja perk
- since you need to be ghoul you will be hated by BOS but supermutants will be friendly
- starts with family disease perk  (every time you sleep you advance to next level and gain abilities but lose dialogue reaction. drinking blood packs reduces the rank by 1)

- adds you to raider faction
- only Tenpenny and Slavers will be friendly

- adds you to slaver faction
- slavers are  less hated than Raiders but you will probably not be able to enter big cities

- starts of with Child at Heart perk as well as bonus Luck and thieving skills
- cannot wear adult armors and must wear child only armor instead

Escaped Enclave
- power armor training

Ghoul (race)
- adds you to Feral Ghoul and Supermutant faction
- BOS will be hostile towards you
- Supermutants will be friendly

there are a few more I have forgotten... check it out

Got any history ideas? Let me know

Things to keep in mind
==> Originally I was meaning to change all the dialogues for non vault dweller histories so you're no longer looking
for dad but this feature was never completed. This why you might see Three Dog's dialogue is all weird.
Doctor Li's dialogue is also changed and  I think there's a few more.
==> Picking Ghoul race or Raider history  adds you to factions that Brotherhood of Steel hates. This means you won't be able to speak with BOS and they will be hostile on sight.  In order to finish the game you will have to mask yourself as a BOS by getting power armor training and wearing a power armor helmet on your head (to cover your face).
==> This mod incorporates another mod called "Multiple Power Armor Training plus" with permission which allows you to get power armor training from Outcasts or from Fort Constantine terminal near the T-51B power armor . This will allow all the histories that cannot talk to BOS to mask themselves as BOS.
==> Picking Engineer history makes you old person and will reset your hair
==> Throwing weapons are governed by Melee skill
==>  You can disable SETTING ENFORCING in CB from features menu in order to allow other mods to change the settings.
==> This mod copies settings from Unofficial Patch but some changes in UOP override my throwing weapons changes since no throwing in vanilla game they map all the throwing weapons like baseball to unarmed instead. But in my mod there is throwing so all throwable weapons are mapped to melee. Is safe to let me mod override unofficial patch by placing it below UOP.
==> My histories are very meticulously developed and what you pick matters a lot!
==>  My mod requires FOSE
==> Black Widow and Ladykiller have been enabled for all genders in order to role play gay roles. I was meaning to also rename Black Widow to The Rake which essentially means like someone sexually promiscuous but decided not to because you would no longer find the perk.
==> The explosive skill requirements to fix Megaton bomb has been raised dramatically . This means you won't easily get a house in Megaton now not until much later in the game.
==> Animals  are no longer all allied against you.  I have attempted to overhaul animal behavio to follow real life predatory behavior . Certain animals in game will be naturally inclined to pray on other animals and will in fact prioritize their favorite pray. This means animals will sometimes fight one another as well.
==> You might see baby animals now to give the sense of a growing thriving animal world.
==> Molerats spawn mostly underground  now and they are replaced by Geckos on the surface.
==> Later in the game you might start to see Floaters

Other mod that go well with CB

Regulator history with Regulators 1 and 2 mod perfect combo!

Real Time Settler maybe with Scavenger or Escaped Slave which ends up running away and starting their own settlement in the wasteland.

Another one could be Northwest Forest Redone with disabled borders option

Custom Radios also very good like Chinese Radio for Chinese Ghoul or Tenpenny Radio for Slaver

Playing as a Slaver with Slavery Overhaul maybe

IF you play Child history you might wanna use a kid companion like Junior

If you play Engineer you might wanna use RobCo Certified mod

The entire mod experience might benefit from Attentaters Wasteland Economy revived . Makes the whole experience much more realistic. Where do they get the food or supplies? Who produces this food and how? Where do they get their weapons . Where do they get their power? Where do they get their water supply? Etc. In a sense this is closer to Fallout 1/2 look and feel. In early Fallouts you had lots of brahmin pens, water towers, power generators, windmills, hunters , caravans, merchants etc.