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Resource page for the Fallout 3 My Way GamerPoets series.
Resources range from .ini file changes to simple edit & large scale mods.
If you aren't following the series you may still find something useful.

Permissions and credits
Modding Fallout 3 : My Way : Resources Page
(...from .ini Files to mods of all sizes)

...will be adding more images as soon as I have the time to do so...
"Fallout 3 My Way" is my modding series for FO3. Having played the game numerous times since it's release I have always wanted to create my personal "end all" mod setup.
This series (+ resources) is my entire setup, step by step, for those who care to follow along.

This page is where series resources are hosted. I love enthusiasm and suggestions. I have no time or tolerance for negativity. 
Feel free to use 1, all, or none of the provided resources = )  (read the description before doing so)
The files correspond with the video series and even in the series many of these resources are optional (why be forced to mod 1 specific way?).
I've spent an average of 80 hours per week over the last 4 years on GP content, which is entirely based on modding. 
I'm ready to put a few of the games in my library to bed. 

...to be updated and expanded upon throughout the creation of the series.

Suggestions, Comments, Feedback:

I respond to a lot of social media comments while creating content. Having 
a POSTS section would not benefit the progress of these resources as I wouldn't have
time to give it the attention it deserves. Feel free to join me on GamerPoets Discord.

Modding Fallout 3 : My Way  : Series (videos and google docs)
Note: Google docs may vary slightly from the videos as adjustments are made during production.
Video "pinned comments" may contain updates/suggestions & descriptions may have additional info/links.

video - text : Part 0 : Introduction
video - text : Part 1 : Foundation
video - text : Part 2 : Cleaning the DLC + Navmesh

video - text : Part 3 : Organize to Win
video - text : Part 4 : Pre Mod .ini Files 
video - text : Part 5 : Core Fixes & Stability
video - text : Part 6 : User Interface
video - text : Part 7 : Texture Base

Files available for Download:

- RoyBatty's Fallout Stutter Remover .ini File
RoyBatty's personal .ini File for Fallout Stutter Remover. I couldn't personally tell you why these
settings work the best for me... they just do. Make a backup of your previous .ini file in case you
don't like this one. 

- Fallout Stutter Remover 

- DeNerfing Colonel Autumn's Laser Pistol 
Simple edit that allows the Fallout.esm settings for Colonel Autumn's laser pistol to
overwrite the BrokenSteel.esm. Reverts the pistol back to fully automatic and bumps
the stats back up. The animations work just fine. Not meant for everyone. I need
some fun in my life.

- Radio Ownership Fix Fixed
Removes the ownership flag on 7 radios so that NPCs don't attack you for turning them off.
The original Radio Ownership Fix mod had some strange edits that affected a navmesh and
some other unofficial patch edits. I made this from scratch in xEdit. Use this plugin and not
the original mod for the sake of the series.

- Safe - Safe Regulator HQ
Disables two animal spawn points at the Regulator HQ. Early in the game they are usually only dogs but late in the game they may spawn Death Claws. It's odd seeing these creatures using the HQ as their hangout out spot when turning in fingers. The original mod deleted these spawns instead of only disabling them, which will cause CTD if you have another mod that references them. 

- GP DarN UI Settings
Personal RP settings to make the UI as unobtrusive as possible.


- dui_f3a11 & dui_f3a11_HF 
- DarNified UI Font Dummies (I don't think this is explicitly necessary but I recommended it.
  Load after DarN. Load GP Settings after Dummies.)

High Detail Map & Icons Map Buttons Fix
Adjusts the Pipboy overlay buttons on the World & Local maps so that it's not a struggle
to click on them when using this awesome mod. These settings also remove the World
Map Waypoint dotted line.

-Better High Detail Map & Icons

Also part of GP DarN UI Settings but this needs to load after High Detail Map.
If you use GP DarN UI Settings and load it after your HUD mods you can skip this file.
Created for those who don't use the other mod and or who need a specific  load order
to make whatever UI mods are installed function properly.

- Pip Boy & Terminal Glare Gone 
Removes the glare from the Pip Boy and Terminal screens/monitors by deleting the pixels
in the files that provide the effect. 

- GP 3000 Remastered  Fem & NPC fix
Corrects the Female (coincidentally NPC) Pip Boy orientation for the Pip Boy 3000
Remastered mod. (Kids still clip). Personal favorite PipBoy replacer.

-PipBoy 3000 Remastered

- GP EnhancedCamera.ini Settings
Disables the fake first person camera when transitioning to sitting. It makes me dizzy = )
Enables a camera position for the sitting transition from first to third person that feels
less disconnected than the default one.

-Fallout 3 - Enhanced Camera

- GP Advanced Recon HUD Tweaks
Personal RP settings to make the UI as unobtrusive as possible. 

-Advanced Recon Thermal Nightvision
-GP DarN UI Settings + Requirements
- Paradise Rising (Found our voice actor = ) ... final stages of the mod)

(coming soon)
... Progress is discontinued while I wait for TTW 3.0 to be released. Once I begin modding the page will be moved to New Vegas Nexus.

I encourage the use of FO3Edit. Cut back on your plugin count and adjust the game as you see fit.