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The original PipBoy 3000A - completely remastered. Features a brand new, lore-friendly, detailed model and 4k textures.

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This mod replaces the vanilla PipBoy 3000 with a complete remastered version. It features a new, highly detailed and true to the original new model, as well as a 4k resolution texture. The remaster is based on the original model and therefore is absolutely lore-friendly.

This mod is a model replacer, it uses no .esp-files, scripts or DLC.

Feel free to create retextures, recolors, camo edits, whatever you feel like, I will add links to them here!

Copy and paste the files into your data/ folder or use a mod manager software.

This mod is NOT compatible with any other mod that changes the pipboy, like PipBoy 2500, PipBoy Readius. This mod should work with mods that remove the third person pipboy.

There are some missing faces on the model. This is due to the vanilla model having those as well. Apart from that there should be no bugs.

The shader was tested using vanilla lighting. Using a lighting mod like Realistic Wasteland Lighting might change the experience, but it'll still look good. I suggest using Enhanced Camera and a good ENB for self-shadowing of the model.

Model, bake, nif and materials - Syncing https://www.artstation.com/syncing
Texture - Saghen https://www.artstation.com/Saghen
Environment Map - Millenia
Screenshots - Ha_Ru