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CGW-06 Assault Rifle


Edited and compiled by HSAR


If you downloaded this anywhere else, it was unauthorised.

Please do not reupload this file anywhere else without permission from the mod author, HSAR.




The CGW-06 assault rifles are compact-design multipurpose firearms designed for reliable accuracy and function under harsh and difficult weather conditions. Chambered in 5.56 Nato (CGW-06A) light rifle rounds and the 7.62 Nato (CGW-06B) battle rifle rounds, they are renowned for excellent performance even under extreme conditions.

Double-stacked magazines allow high magazine capacities and a bullpup autoloading system ensures high accuracy even in its short-barrel configuration, making it popular with mercenaries, militaries and private users alike. The rugged, ambient-light gathering reflex sight system aids aiming in difficult conditions.

The magazine-fed, semi-automatic underbarrel grenade launcher hard-launches 40x46mm High Explosive (HE) grenades at a reliably high accuracy. Users have, however, noted the extremely high drop rate and hence the relatively short-medium recommended engagement range.


XX001BF4 - CGW-06A (5.56)


You can repair these guns with Scrap Metal or American Assault Rifles, as well as with other CGW-06s. Chinese Assault Rifles do not have sufficient part commonality for reliable repair, and HSA Industries cannot guarantee the continued function of your firearm should disregard this warning.

I was serious about the drop on the 40mm launcher. It's not advised to fire it at your feet, or even aimed too far downwards.

It's not recommended to run the full version of this mod with the CGW_Special.esp file enabled at the same time. I couldn't figure out a way to make it work.

Please contact me on Fallout3Underground if you wish to do anything with the files included in this ZIP file.


Custom Pip-boy 3000 icon
Custom Ironsights
Custom Repair list
In-game placement

Model - Earthquake
Textures/Normals - Earthquake
World Model - Sparkwire
Vunsunta - Sounds (CGW-06 Rifle)
Inph!n!tY - Sounds (Grenade Launcher)
Compile (Source) - Henron
Advice/Awesomeness - Jhardingame
Advice - Earache42
Scripts - Earache42
Mesh Edits - HSAR
Additional Mesh Edits - Pantherx69
Compile (Fallout 3) - HSAR
Render - HSAR

As above, all credit for the creation of this gun goes to Earthquake. I took this file off FPSBANANA, found here:


And the world model (used in this mod) is by Sparkwire. This is no longer available publicly as his link has expired. I still have it purely by chance and decided to make this as a tribute to the FPSBANANA community.

I'd like to thank Jhardingame (J-Dawg) for his incredible willingness to help me in the face of extreme noobishness, and quite literally coaching me from start to finish.

Pantherx69 patched a few troublesome errors and gave me feedback and advice, all of which I am thankful to him for, as well as suggesting the change from the American Assault Rifle anims to the Chinese Assault Rifle anims which fit the rifle better.

Earache42's help was also invaluable, teaching me how to add the XCalibr crates in-game and telling me how to use them so that people with the B and S variants would have some ammo to shoot... I'm sure many of you will be glad for it. The 40mm launcher script is also by him, as well - you'd better not forget it, really. Without him this mod would have a whole lot less win.


Unpack everything into your Fallout 3/Data folder, lining up the folders as appropriate. There should be no overwrites unless you already have this installed. Load the game.

FOSE is not required, although recommended as many other mods require it. This mod has no known problems operating with FOSE.


Requires FOSE.

The ESP file requires the following files in the Data folder to function:


Conversely, this means that you need the mods CALIBR and xCALIBR for this mod to work, as it relies on effects, containers and ammo only present in those files.

Attempting to load this mod without these mods will almost certainly cause a crash.


I'm pretty sure there's nothing in this file that overwrites anything else. So load it in any order after the .ESM files, and it should work fine. The CALIBR and xCALIBR mods are .ESM files anyway, so there's no cause for concern.


3D Studio Max 2010 + NifTools
Blender + NIF Plugin + PYFFI
Fallout 3


1.0 - Released to Public
Changed animations to Chinese Assault Rifle, to match the bolt and ejection port.
Animated bolt, moved shellcasing node.
Used improved mesh based on Pantherx69's work.
Animated trigger and magazine release, both function as intended.
Moved animation pivot points to suit the magazine release better.
Prepped and improved the collision model.
Improved glowmaps for the reflex sight.
Adjusted size and location for optimal positioning.
Placed rifles in-world for pickup. Added a spoilers TXT file to show lazy people where the guns are; in the interests of fairness to those who don't want to spoil the fun, there is a hints file with some cryptic clues to help out. To clear up any false expectations, there is no placement as easy as Megaton Ladies Toilets, seriously. They're really quite hard to find on your own, I wish you good luck on your quest if you decide to try.
WARNING: I've tried to place the guns in wierd and unlikely locations to avoid mod conflicts, but there are quite a few instances of the guns and there may, may, be conflicts. If you're overly worried, check the spoilers TXT file for information on exactly where they are.
Implemented glowmaps for the whole gun to correct the gun glowing softly and rather irritatingly.
Implemented custom-made specular maps from the original textures to correct the gun being for too dark all the time.
Added converted, modified sounds from the original CGW mod.
Implemented fully-compatible, standalone ironsights using the gun model's reflex sights, using scripts supplied by Earache42.
Fixed rather odd red glowing on reflex sights.
Implemented grenade launcher functionality via "H" key, again using scripts supplied by Earache42. Referenced as key 47 in the ESP file.
Created a version that does not require CALIBR or XCALIBR, but lacks the grenade launcher switch functionality.

0.5 - Beta Release
Glowmaps in reflex sight functional.
Custom repair list functional.
Reload animation fully functional, clip moves with the hand.
Custom Pip-Boy icon added.
World Model checked for size and clipping.


Occasionally the grenade launcher will behave oddly, firing grenades at odd angles and/or straight downwards. Moving into VATS and out again appears to fix this - cause of this bug unknown.


If for any reason the reflex sight looks odd and/or there's something funky going on with the reload (i.e. it's not working as it should), run "Check for conflicts" in Fallout Mod Manager and see if that fixes it. If not, PM me on Fallout3Underground about it, I'll see what I can do.

If you're already using the V key for something else, I'm afraid you'll have to go into GECK and change the script yourself - I haven't worked out how to let the player set it yet.

The reflex sights can sometimes be a little bit buggy on the first go - if you're seeing odd bars on the side of your screen when scope, try unequip/reequip.

Thanks for reading. Now go and enjoy the gun.