Fallout 3
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A combination assault rifle / grenade launcher with a holographic sight.

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CGW-06 Assault Rifle


Hi guys. I originally created this mod in 2010 and released it on F3U - it has no ripped content, but I simply never got round to uploading it here. But, hey, better late than never, right?


Requires FOSE, CALIBR and xCALIBR. I am unfortunately no longer in a position to provide support for this mod (I don't have the full toolset I used to have), so you'll have to do a little legwork if my workmanship isn't quite up to scratch. 

You must have the V key unbound, as it is used for toggling between the rifle and grenade launcher fire modes.

There's more information in the ReadMe_CGW file. 

I apologise for the quality of the screens and images, by the way - they were all I had in the archive. Please feel free to upload better ones.