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Arlix with help from J3X

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this mod brings flyable vehicles into the world of post apocalyptic Washington DC. ONLY BETA VERSION

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Arlix_s Pilotable, Flyable, totally awesome!


if anyone wants to use this mod feel free to use it in your mods. I would like credit where credit is due, otherwise feel free to go ahead. Also, if you need help with creating your mod using mine feel free to send me a message and I will see what I can do.

Version 1.3.FIXIT is now released! this update should fix all the animation issues that people encountered in the previous versions

Version 1.3.FIXIT is the latest update and should cover all of the known bugs from v1_3

this is the full list of stuff that is in v 1.3.FIXIT:

fixed the vanishing vertibird mesh( hopefully, tested it over and over so it should work)

first person view is brought up much faster to not break immersion

animations added and now everything should work ( no more wobbling)

created new meshes and textures for the jumpsuit to be more personalized

controls :

now you can retract your landing gear with R

when you have your landing gear out, you move twice as slow as you would without them!

FIXED the descend button! now to descend come to a full stop, and PRESS C![/color]

when exiting the vertibird, the player is equipped with a helmet and jumpsuit instead of being naked

when exiting the vertibird, the player runs at normal speed

the interior has been enlarged

The original "elasticky" controls by j3x have been changed to be more tight and fun!

the 1st person view has been changed to provide a larger view area

[size=120]how to use this mod? keep reading [/size]

note: this mod uses the original j3x's vertibird mod controls and refines them for a more enjoyable experience, and J3x created animations and collision

check the mod out at

watch the video for v1.3 right here


You must have the latest FOSE installed, download it at

You need Broken steel Addon installed to play this mod or it will not even load!!! IT IS NECESSARY !

without the Broken steel addon you will not have the:

Interior ( will be functional but some meshes and textures will be missing)

the first person cockpit (textures go nuts)

and the flamethrower weapon (leaves ! on the ground)

About this mod

This mod creates a pilot-able vertibird for the player to fly around in. with this mod the player can fly anywhere, and shoot anything with an array of weaponry from useful to exotic (read bellow). also the vertibird acts as a player home, where he/she can sleep and store items.

[size=130] instructions [/size]

when you first enter the game, you receive a remote control. use the remote control to call the vertibird to your position

when you activate the vertibird, you have three choices:



[size=120] controls[/size]

To exit the vertibird Press E and SPACE at the same time make sure to be at ground level first!

to retract and pull out your landing gear PRESS R


Movement in third person
to go forward press W
to go backward press S
to go Up press Space while moving forward
to go Down press C

NOTE: To go up, press space while moving forward, you can not go up directly!
to go DOWN, come to a complete stop and press C while having your gear out!

Movement in first person
Everything above still applies, but in first person you can strafe too

to go Right press D
to go Left press A


Select your weapon using 1 2 3

fire with the left mouse button


1. mini-gun
description: shoots regular bullets at a very high frequency, good against everything

accuracy: average/good
power: great
rate of fire: excellent
area of effect: low

2. Rockets
description: shoots large rockets at a target that explode on impact destroying everything

accuracy: good/excellent
power: excellent
rate of fire: low
area of effect: high

3. Flame blaster

description: shoots compressed balls of fire great distances, that engulf the surrounding area and burn anything in their path

accuracy: good/excellent
power: great
rate of fire: average
area of effect: medium
bonus: leaves a burn on the area that harms people

general instructions

to enter the interior, select interior on the menu

Broken steel is needed for this to work, if you don't have it i suggest not pressing it

Always back up your saves, and save constantly! crashes and glitches can happen!

Please give me feedback and rate this mod


1. when Driving the 3rd person camera shifts to a center point of view, when exiting the camera changes back to default vanilla settings if you are using a mod that changes the camera view point I am sorry and I am working on making a compatibility patch for you

2. sometimes glitches happen! please tell me all the bugs you encounter. right now it seems that the biggest one is when you die in the vertibird, or reload a save, the camera viewpoint stays centered. there is one way to fix it and that is to enter and exit the vertibird once.



To install this mod follow these steps:
1. first unpack it with winrar, or other program you like.
2. Put the ESP file into your data folder

3. Put the meshes folder into the data folder,
(Data – meshes – Arlix - item name

5. You’re done and ready to go, just remember to load the mod and fire it up.

-----------UPDATES----------- \
AUGUST 5 2010: version 1.3 released Total rewrite on the mod




July 22 2010: Fixed a problem with the female character model, and combined the optional file and main one into one folder

July 22 2010: Hi everybody I'm Back to work, and expect some new versions coming soon, so check back once in a while


if you would like to use this or any other part of this mod please contact me first


IF ANYONE WANTS TO HELP OUT SEND ME AN EMAIL TO [email protected] or notify me on

I would like to thank a few people that helped me out:
Credits to SaidenStorm for his Akatosh Mount mod (http://www.tesnexus....e.php?id=10819) to Oblivion,
The reset.kf animation is from Drayk_Cannon's The Groovatron (http://www.fallout3n...le.php?id=3284) mod, I'm not sure who have created it.
Credits to Backsteppo for creating driving animation for my Motorcycle mod, this mod shares the same driving animation.
J3x - the brilliant mind behind the motorcycle mod, gave me a good foundation for this mod

Illyism- for his broom mod, and his wonderful code, (couldn’t have done it without him)
calumm96 - for acting as a recruiter on my behalf, thanks for your hard work!
Anyone else I forget to mention here, I'm sorry, but thanks' anyways!