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This mod is a bit like Weapon Mod Kits for power armor, and adds the requirement that some power armors be recharged periodically (there\'s even a somewhat lore friendly back story for why.) Includes 4 custom skinned UnderArmors, 3 custom skinned power armors, 2 custom skinned energy weapons, and 14 upgrades. FWE 6 compatible.

Permissions and credits
Thanks to everyone who helped me make July's File of the Month list!


R1.4 gold Released!

Changes from R1.4 beta:

* Power armor scaling
* 3 Custom skinned armors
. Hardened T-51b - high DR and durability
. Composite T-45d - improved stealth and mobility
. Enclave Onyx Power Armor - integrated stealth field generator
* 2 custom skinned, power armor powered unique energy weapons
. P.I.L.L.A.R. - ridiculously configurable energy assault rifle
. Torrent - Vengeance with an extension cord
* StimJak health regeneration upgrade
* Catalytic Rebreather breathing apparatus
* Reworked power armor explosions
* Power Armor Deconstruction
* TRO overhaul
* Assorted bugfixes (or bugfix)

Thanks to Joe Shrapnel for a ton of help with debugging. Hopefully this one will go as smooth as 1.4 beta.

This version requires Inventory Access.esm. Download from:


A note about the images:

The screenshots show a large sidebar of stats displayed on the screen. Most of them (from the date and time down to RR - Radiation Resistance) are from this mod:
DarN's DarNified UI

The nutrition stats were from my hunger/thirst/sleep mod, Imps' More Complex Needs:

The vault boy in power armor, along with the kWh and temperature readouts, were added by this mod, Powered Power Armor.


This mod initially did two things - it made power armor require occasional recharging to keep it fully functional, and it added a number of power armor upgrades available from various vendors throughout the wastes. The upgrades are probably nothing you've never seen before, with the exception of the increased jump height - I've incorporated a method of preventing that obnoxious hangup that normally happens on the way to the ground when the PC jumps too high.

In release 1.3, certain changes were made to accomodate lore. Advanced Power Armor (the armor worn by Enclave troops) as well as T-51b Power Armor both run on long lived MicroFusion Packs that carry as much as 100 years worth of fuel, while T-45d armor originally ran on microfusion cells, the energy weapon ammo. As of this release, APA and T-51b armor will initially run on inexhaustible power supplies, but will be limited to upgrades that do not require a significant increase in power output (no liquid cooling or thermal regulation override). Power source conversion kits will be available for these armors that will enable the use of all upgrades. Ultracapacitor conversion kits will require recharging, but the rare experimental high power fuel cells will not (those cannot be purchased, but rather found in the wasteland).

Also new to release 1.3 is UnderArmor - Recon Armor was initially intended to be something worn under power armor. These low damage resistance armors can be equipped, and power armor can then be put on over them. They provide a minor increase in damage resistance as well as a number of benefits, like increased radiation resistance or automatic splinting of crippled limbs.

See the Merchandise List for details on the upgrades, but bonuses include things like fall damage reduction, increased carry weight, increased run speed, and better melee/unarmed damage. If you see two different upgrades that alter the same stat, the effects will stack when both are installed, although you can only install one of each upgrade. Both the player and NPCs can take advantage of the upgrades.

Whether you have upgrades installed or not, you will need to keep most power armor charged for it to work properly. Charged power armor provides a 75 lb. increase in carryweight (based loosely on the power armor strength increases from Fallouts 1 & 2), but reduces sneak skill by 20. All of the normal bonuses given by power armor also apply (they're completely untouched by this mod, so if you're using an overhaul, its changes will be preserved). Fighting the servos or hydraulics of uncharged power armor will reduce your agility by 6, your strength by 2, and cut your run speed in half. You'll still have the benefit of armor and radiation resistance, but you won't be moving around much.

Armor can be recharged in the field with fission batteries, ceramic ultracapacitors, and energy weapon ammo. There are also two recharge stations available from vendors. The RobCo Rapid Recharge Station will instantly recharge your armor and any additional ceramic ultracapacitors in your inventory. The RobCo Personal Breeder Reactor can be used to recharge depleted fission batteries. The reactor is slower, heavier, and generally less useful, but is available from more vendors, and is considerably cheaper than the rapid recharger. You can carry the recharge units with you, but they will only work in areas where sufficient power is available. See the Merchandise List for a list of suitable recharge locations.

It's assumed that NPCs keep track of their own recharging, so you won't need to worry about supplying your companions with fission batteries or anything.

One of the available upgrades, the Thermal Regulation Override, will allow you to temporarily disable the power armor's thermal governor. The increased power output will increase run speed, carry weight, big guns skill, unarmed damage, and melee damage, but you'll have to monitor the suits temperature yourself. If the upper or lower temperature goes above 135F, you'll take damage proportional to how hot the suit is. Walk, stand still, or disable the override to lower your temperature. TRO can be toggled by the "q" key (configurable) when this upgrade is equipped. As of release 1.4 gold, TRO's speed boost is also configurable.

The mod is balanced for a timescale of around 4 or 5, but the power draw and rate of temperature change can be adjusted. Reducing them from their default values of 1 to the minimum of 0.05 will just about let you use this mod with a timescale of 30, though its not recommended.

Some gauges will be added to your HUD. They can be repositioned as a group by holding the config menu key (default "p") for two seconds, then using the arrow keys. If the power armor icon is dark grey, you are wearing uncharged power armor. If it matches your HUD's color, you are wearing charged power armor. If it's red, you are wearing charged power armor and Thermal Regulation Override is engaged. The suit's charge, in Kilowatt-hours, is shown to the right of the power armor icon. It will range from 0 to 300. If you have a TRO installed, the suit's upper and lower temperature will be displayed above and below the charge.

Power consumption is dependent upon the number of installed upgrades, how much you're carrying, and how fast you're running.

Upgrades can be purchased as long as you have access to the appropriate vendors, though in some cases they'll need to be invested in first. The [PA] -Config- item will be added to your inventory immediately upon installing this mod.

In addition to the Catalytic Rebreather and StimJak upgrades, a number of new features were added in release 1.4. These include (but are probably not limited to):

* Power armor scaling - the player and NPCs will increase in size when power armor is equipped. This feature can be disabled.

* Power Armor Deconstruction - Power armor will break down into sub components when its wearer is killed. Rank 1 of the Power Armor Mechanic is required to salvage these components, and rank 2 is required to reassemble them into working power armor. This feature can be disabled.

* Power Armor Explosions - Power armor can explode if the wearer is shot in the torso and the damage is greater than 20. It will explode 100% of the time if the target is shot in the back, but much less frequently if shot in the chest.

* Power armor powered energy weapons - P.I.L.L.A.R. and Torrent, a laser rifle and gatling laser, respectively, both use your suit's charge for ammo. I'm planning on adding a pistol and laser sniper rifle in future updates. Torrent is a normal gatling laser, but P.I.L.L.A.R. has three configurable firing modes (semi auto, full auto, overcharge), the pistol will fire in 1, 3 or 5 round bursts, and the sniper rifle will build up charge while the player holds down the trigger, releasing a more powerful blast when it is released. Each weapon has a custom skin.

* Unique armors - Hardened T-51b, Composite T-45d, and Enclave Onyx power armors. These offer higher damage resistance, improved stealth and movement, and an integrated stealth field, respectively. Each armor has a custom skin.

* The Wasteland Sun MicroFusion Pack - allows T-45d power armors to be converted to nuclear power, with access to all upgrades.


Detailed Directions

Installing Upgrades:

Add the upgrade to your or an NPC's inventory, and equip power armor.

Uninstalling upgrades:

Unequip power armor. If you are trying to retrieve an upgrade from a companion, first remove their power armor. The armor upgrades will unequip themselves and become Misc. items. Remove them from your (or their) inventory, and place them in a container or on display (the models are pretty dull at the moment). Then re-equip your power armor. Star Paladin Cross's armor has been made playable to make uninstalling her upgrades possible.

Installing UnderArmor:

Put on the desired set of UnderArmor, then put on Power Armor.

Uninstalling UnderArmor:

Remove Power Armor, then unequip or change UnderArmor.


For a field recharge, enter the Power Armor menu by either pressing the hotkey (default "p") or by going to the armor section of your pipboy and clicking the "[PA] -Config-" item. If you have any suitable power sources, the first option in the menu will be "Field Recharge". Select it, then select the power source. Your suit's charge will be increased by the stated amount, up to the maximum of 300 kWh.

To use the RobCo Rapid Recharge Station, drop it from your inventory in a suitable area, activate it with the use key, and select the recharge item. The lights will dim, and your armor and ceramic ultracapacitors will be recharged instantly.

The RobCo Personal Breeder Reactor cannot recharge your armor directly, but it can be used to recharge the depleted fission batteries added to your inventory when you use fission batteries for a field recharge. Drop it from your inventory in a suitable area, activate it, and select "Recharge". It will take one minute, but all of your batteries will be recharged at once. You'll be notified when it's done, but you'll need to return to the machine and activate it again to retrieve the batteries.

Thermal Regulation Override:

Press the toggle key (default "q") to turn it on or off. The power armor hud icon will turn red when the override is enabled. Running, particularly with a heavy load, will most likely cause you to overheat after about 10-15 seconds. Firing a heavy, big gun, or swinging a heavy melee weapon may also cause you to overheat, but its unlikely. If your upper or lower temperature hits 135F, you'll take damage (you'll hear it) and the temperature gauge will turn red. Stop what you're doing until its green again. You don't necessarily have to toggle the override back off to cool down, just stop running or swinging or whatever.

As of release 1.4 gold. TRO's speed boost is configurable via the power armor menu (default "p" hotkey). The carryweight increase has also been increased to 1000, so your carryweight will be limited primarily by heat buildup. There is also a Strength Amplification Factor that can be used to vary the amount of weight carried by the armor versus by the player, though this will not come into play until the Imp's More Complex Needs and Arwen's Tweaks compatibility patches have been released. (The current IMCN patch is a temporary fix to maintain compatibility with PPA's power armor scaling.)

Energy Pulse Generator

The Energy Pulse Generator can be used to trigger an outburst of energy centered on the user, effecting any enemies within the blast radius. It has two (or more) parts, the Energy Pulse Generator, and the Pulse Modulator(s). There are four different Pulse Modulators, each of which will allow a different kind of energy pulse to be generated. If you have an Energy Pulse Generator and at least one of the Energy Pulse Modulators, press the EPG key (default "") to trigger an Energy Pulse. To switch pulse type, hold the EPG key. Your pulse type is shown by the pulse icon above and to the left of your HUD's power armor status icon. If the icon is red, the system is recharging, if it is green the pulse is ready to fire. Each pulse will discharge a significant portion of any Ultracapacitor powered armor's charge, but fusion powered armors will be able to fire indefinitely. Recharge times, however, will be significantly longer with fusion powered armors. Check the Energy Pulse Modulators in the Misc. section of your inventory to see which icon is associated with which pulse type.

Enclave Onyx Armor

Hold the crouch key for about a second to toggle the stealth field. Once on, you can stand back up by tapping the crouch key without disabling the field.

Composite T-45d Armor

The Stealth Boy effect has been reworked to remove most of the benefit of the stealth field if the user is wearing power armor. The exception to this is Composite T-45d Armor, which has quiet, low power servos made possible by the lower armor weight.


See note.

Power Armor Deconstruction

Enabled by default, this reduces the likelihood that the player will be able to salvage power armor intact. If the armor condition or limb condition of a power armor wearer is too low upon death, or if the power armor's power plant exploded, the power armor will break down into servos, a chassis, a powerplant, and either a shell (recoverable) or husk (non-recoverable) depending on the exact conditions. Rank 1 of the Power Armor Mechanic perk is required to recognize and salvage these parts. Rank 2 is required to reassemble them into working sets of power armor. They can be reassembled at a work bench or with the portable power armor repair kit, which should be dropped from the player's inventory and activated to initiate an assembly or disassembly.

Power Armor Explosions

In previous versions, power armor would explode if the wearer was killed via a shot to the torso. In the new system, power armor will no longer explode upon death, but can explode if a shot to the torso does more than 20 damage. The probability that it will explode is 100% if the target is shot in the back, but considerably lower if they are shot in the chest or side. The player will not explode as of this release, but companions might.


This upgrade provides configurable health regeneration fueled by stimpaks. At 5 hp/sec or lower, the efficiency is greater than 1, meaning you will have more health restored than if you used the stimpak normally. At rates above 5 hp/sec, your health will be restored less. Rates can be set for combat and non-combat independently via the power armor menu (default "p" hotkey).



IMPORTANT: If you are upgrading from a previous version, you should open up any saves you're planning to use, remove power armor from yourself and your followers if they are wearing it, and then re-save.

Copy the downloaded files into your data directory, and check the .esp in your load list. Order is not very important, but see the compatibility section for details. Version 1.4 gold also requires Inventory Access.esm, which can be found at

For some reason it's not showing up when I search for it on the Nexus.

There are a few extra steps for getting the HUD gauges to show up.

1. Browse to Data\menus\main, and see if hud_main_menu.xml is there.

2a. If it is, open it with a text editor. Scroll to the bottom, and just above the last line (<\menu>) add the line:

3a. Save the file, and that should be it.


2b. If the file is not there, browse to Data\menus\prefabs\PPA\main and move that copy of hud_main_menu.xml to the Data\menus\main folder (if the folder doesn't exist, create it).

If you install any mods that alter the HUD (like DUI) after installing PPA, it is likely that they will overwrite the changes made to hud_main_menu.xml, and your PPA HUD icons will no longer show up. If you notice that they are suddenly missing, repeat steps 1 through 3a.



IMPORTANT: You'll want to remove power armor, then save, before uninstalling this mod. This will ensure that the numeric game settings fJumpHeightMin and fJumpFallHeightMin are not permanently changed.

Delete the .esp, and delete the PPA folders from Data\Meshes, Data\textures, and Data\Menus\Prefabs. Also open up Data\menus\main\hud_main_menu.xml, scroll to the bottom, and remove the line . Save and close.



This mod does not actually modify power armor in any way (almost), so very little is overwritten. The upgrades and charging system will apply to (almost, see description above) any armor designated as power armor, and taking up the upper body slot. This includes pretty much all power armor from vanilla Fallout, DLC, and mods (no helmets yet though).

This file does modify:

NPC: Knight Sergeant Durga
Armor: FollowersOutfitCross (Star Paladin Cross's default armor)
Power Armor repair formlists

Numeric Game Setting: fJumpHeightMin
Numeric Game Setting: fJumpFallHeightMin

You may want to check things out in FO3Edit. Leveled Item and Container conflicts should be resolved in your merged patch. If a mod, such as project beauty, conflicts with my changes to KS Durga, PPA should be loaded after it (or she will not have any armor upgrades for sale.) The cosmetic changes are optional.

The bigger issue is the two numeric game settings used to increase jump height and reduce fall damage. There is the potential for conficts with any mod that changes either of these values.

Compatibility patches are currently available for FWE, Super Human Jump Perk, and Ambient Temperature, and, coming soon, Arwen's Realism Tweaks and FOOK (FOOK should be more or less OK without one though).


Big thanks to The3rdType for making all of the custom Pipboy and HUD icons, and to Joe Shrapnel for a ton of debugging help on release 1.4 gold.


Use Info

Contact me if you'd like to use any code or techniques from this mod. I'll probably be making a standalone version of the jump fall interruption fixer, since there are a number of mods out there that could benefit from it. The fix only needs to show up once in any load order. If I get feedback regarding it I'll make it a higher priority.



R1.4 gold

__ Catalytic Rebreather
__ StimJack
__ improved TRO
____ increased CW boost
____ adjustable speed boost
__ interlinked TUpper and TLower
__ updated weightmult and speedmult calculations
___ ignores liquid cooling thermal impact (both multipliers)
___ liquid cooling boosts cooldown delta T multipliers, lowers heating multipliers
by TRO
__ stealth boy penalties for power armor (apart from composite T-45d)
__ fixed multiple UnderArmor equipping bug
__ power armor deconstruction
__ new power armor explosions system (back shots vs. death shots)
__ lesser explosions for non-nuclear power armors
__ recharger static conversions
__ prevented ROC from working with T-51b under any circumstances (its hydraulic)
__ added audible overheat warning
__ Hardened T-51b
__ Composite T-45d
__ Enclave Onyx Power Armor
__ P.I.L.L.A.R. and Torrent energy weapons
__ power armor scaling
__ Wasteland Sun T-45d MicroFusion Pack

R1.4 beta

__ Prevented speedmult hack from healing crippled limbs
__ Prevented MediBrace/FWE Morphine effect (bIgnoreCrippledLimbs) from breaking speedmult hack
__ Implemented Energy Pulse Generator
__ Fixed UnderArmor DR when worn with PA
__ Fixed Proximity Alert (player no longer hears warnings when NPCs have it equipped)
__ Fixed fSpeedMult calculation to be compatible with other mods that alter speed
__ Ref Walks are now conducted in gamemode with equipper tokens
__ Low kWh energy weapon ammo field recharge now uses 5 or 10 at a time
__ Ref Walks are configurable via menu (fully enabled/non-combat only/fully disabled)
____ Performs function of crash fixer (though hopefully it will not be necessary)
____ Disabling RWs during combat may help with crashes without fully disabling associated features
__ Restructured Config Menu system with future expansion in mind
__ Incorporated fix for level-up crash
__ Incorporated T3T's Pipboy and HUD icons


__ Added in automatic closing of the ref walk load message


__ Reworked ref walk to prevent "Stupid Enclave" and crashes
__ Diversified PA explosions
__ Added new depleted fission battery icon (thanks to The3rdType)


__ Updated in-game notes with new upgrades
__ Removed annoying ref walk debug message (woops)
__ Fixed extraneous timescale in menumode overheating calculation
__ Fixed overheat temperature used in damage calculations (thanks DarkUncleBoh)


__ Improved Ref Walk conditions to prevent CTDs during combat and occasional missed refs


__ Fixed heat damage conditionals to allow upper body thermal damage
__ Fixed uninstalled upgrade duplication glitch
__ Removed timescale from overheating calculations
__ Corrected depleted fission battery weight in FWE patch
__ Added Fort Independence to list of suitable recharge locations
__ Created "Insulated UnderArmor" for better overheating tolerance
__ Created "Environmental UnderArmor" for better rad resistance
__ Created "Aramid" UnderArmor" upgrade for increased damage resistance
__ Created "MediBrace UnderArmor" for automatic splinting of broken bones
__ Add "Proximity Warning Chip" - standalone upgrade for medic power armor's proximity warning
__ Integrated 'Ambient Temperature' mod into heat calcs
__ Add T-51b and APA to autocharge, minimal upgrade list
__ Created T-51b ultracap conversion kit
__ Created APA ultracap conversion kit
__ Created T-51b experimental microfusion pack
__ Created APA experimental microfusion pack


Altered the weight multiplier calculation to improve compatibility with backpack and other carry weight altering mods


Removed all instances of "hasperk powerarmortraining" checks for better FWE compatibility
Added 130F alert color change to temperature gauges
Fixed recharging of ceramic ultracapacitors
removed menumode blocks from upgrade object scripts to prevent CTDs while buying
slowed down hud repositioning by 50%
added "menumode 1" conditional to config menu hotkey check, so no more console conflict
added random spawning of upgrades on PA equipped NPCs (a 1% chance for each upgrade)
added absent power armor icon .dds to download (woops)


Standard Power Armor Statistics
Upper Power Consumption: 0.1kW(base) 0.25kW(gun/unarmed) 0.4kW(melee/big gun)
Lower Power Consumption: 0.35kW(base) 3.8kW(walk) 8.2kW(run)
Upper Thermal Load: -10degF/s(base) 6degF/s(gun/unarmed) 10degF/s(melee/big gun)
Lower Thermal Load: -10degF/s(base) 3degF/s(walk) 10degF/s(run)

RobCO Rapid Recharger (ceramic ultracapacitor recharger)
RobCo Personal Breeder Reactor (fission battery recharger)
Citadel Lab
Megaton Player Home
Tenpenny Player Suite
Craterside Supply
Canterbury Garage
Lock and Load
Raven Rock
Carol's Place
Rivet City Hangar(marketplace)

Ceramic Ultracapacitor
Weight: 3
Cost: 900
Effects: +300kWh (full system recharge)

Although originally outfitted with long lived nuclear power sources, including the TX-28 MicroFusion Pack, a growing trend among those fortunate enough to have access to power armor has been to replace the aging packs with conventional electric power storage devices. The primary power storage unit of choice is an ultracapacitor constructed from lightweight, superconductive ceramics. The units are compact enough that multiple backup units can be carried, and offer significantly greater power density than their outdated (and often depleted) nuclear cousins. In addition to being lighter, these modern alternatives are less hazardous to service, and can be modified to increase power output without risking a thermonuclear event. The primary drawback is the need to frequently recharge, although several methods of field recharging have been developed, often out of urgent necessity.

Upper Liquid Cooling
Upper Power Draw: +0.1kW(gun) +0.2kW(unarmed) +0.3kW(melee/big gun)
Upper Thermal Load: -10degF/s(base) 6degF/s(unarmed) 10degF/s(melee/big gun)
Weight: 3
Cost: 800
+2 Unarmed Damage
+2 Melee Damage
+10 Big Guns

Upgrading your power armor's cooling system from forced air convection to liquid cooling improves sustainable power output. A more powerful upper body means improved melee and unarmed damage, and more sustainable accuracy with big guns.

Lower Liquid Cooling
Lower Power Draw: +0.1kW(base) +1.1kW(walk) +3kW(run)
Lower Thermal Load: -20degF/s(base) +8degF/s(walk) +20degF/s(run)
Weight: 5
Cost: 1200
+40 Speed
+45 Carrying Capacity

Ordinarily air cooled, your suit's polyphasic servo motor drivetrain is automatically restricted to sustainable power outputs to prevent overheating. Liquid cooling allows power output to be increased without threatening system stability. More powerful legs and lower torso lead to improved carrying capacity and speed.

Thermal Regulation Override
Upper Power Draw: +0.1kW(gun) +0.25kW(unarmed) +0.35kW(melee/big gun)
Lower Power Draw: +0.05kW(base) +1.9kW(walk) +5kW(run)
Upper Thermal Load: 0defF/s(gun) +1.5degF/s(unarmed) +2.3degF/s(melee/big gun)
Lower Thermal Load: 0degF/s(base) +2degF/s(walk) +6degF/s(run)
Weight: 0.25
Cost: 350
+60% Speed
+70 Carrying Capacity
+2 Strength
+2 Unarmed Damage
+3 Melee Damage
+15 Big Guns

A cheap, effective way to increase your power armor's strength and speed, this chip replaces your suit's thermal monitoring hardware with upper and lower temperature gauges and a manual toggle. Ordinarily, the power consumption of your armor is restricted to prevent overheating, ensuring consistent, uninterrupted operation. Putting thermal regulation under manual control will allow you to increase the raw power of your armor, but at the risk of overheating. Monitor the upper and lower temperature gauges closely; if you overheat, you or your armor may take damage, and you could be left immobile for several seconds. This upgrade can be coupled with upper and lower liquid cooling systems for massive power output.

Neural Targeting Interface
Power Draw: 0.1kW(base)
Weight: 0.5
Cost: 1100
+15 AP
+5% Critical Chance

The Neural Targeting Interface puts your brain, Pipboy, and Power Armor into a state of synergy, improving reaction times and leading to improved VATS targeting and a higher critical chance.

Upper Precision Phase Controller
Power Draw: 0.15kW(base)
Weight: 1
Cost: 1000
+10 Small Guns
+10 Energy Weapons

More precise control over your arms and upper body leads to improved handling of small guns and energy weapons. Coupled with the inherent stability of the heavy suit, experienced users will often see their accuracy improve while wearing power armor sporting this upgrade.

Lower Precision Phase Controller
Power Draw: 0.2kW(base)
Weight: 1.5
Cost: 800
+5 Stealth

Power armor's assisted mobility is provided in most cases by an array of polyphasic servo motors distributed throughout the arms, legs, and torso. Upgrading these motors' phase controllers allows for more precise movement, reducing some of the noise associated with power armor and improving stealth.

Regenerative Overload Capacitor
Weight: 2
Cost: 1100
Dramatically reduced fall damage
Increased jump height (when coupled with Lower Liquid Cooling or Thermal Override)

One advantage of the polyphasic electric drivetrain is its ability to seamlessly transition from a power consuming array of motors to a power producing array of generators. Each time your leg impacts the ground, the electric motors take advantage of that force to generate power. This regenerative power can be shunted to other active motors, or stored, greatly improving efficiency. Under normal operation this system is more than adequate for absorbing the minor, repetitive shock of walking or running across uneven terrain, however the tremendous surge of energy produced when absorbing the impact after a long fall can overwhelm the system, causing the armor to lock up and potentially injure the wearer. A Regenerative Overload Capacitor will soak up that extra power, feed it back into the system at a manageable rate and greatly improve the suit's capacity to absorb the impact of long falls. When coupled with Lower Liquid Cooling and/or a Thermal Regulation Override, this will enable the user to power jump much higher than they would normally be able, without risking an injury.

Proximity Alert
Power Draw: 250 Watts
Weight: 0.5
Cost: 900
+2 Perception
Audible Combat Warning

A passive infrared optical scanner continuously monitors your surroundings for threats, which are reported via an audible alert when detected.

Advanced Power Armor (APA) Ultracapacitor Conversion Kit/
T-51b Ultracapacitor Conversion Kit
Weight: 4 (-5lb. installed)/4 (-7 installed)
Cost: 1300/1500

These kits can be used to convert Enclave produced Advanced Power Armor or T-51b armor from their original MicroFusion Pack power sources to higher power output ultracapacitor based power. Although they require more frequent recharging, this will allow you to install high power upgrades like liquid cooling and Thermal Regulation Override.

Mark IV MicroFusion Pack/
TX-40e MicroFusion Pack
Weight: 9 (0 installed)/11 (0 installed)
Cost: 2900/3200

Combining power outputs on par with ultracapacitor power sources with the unsurpassed longevity of a MicroFusion pack, these rare, experimental power sources will operate without refueling for half a century, while providing more than enough power to run any armor modification developed to date. The Mark IV Microfusion Pack is compatible with APA, while the TX-40e can be used to replace the T-51b's TX-28 MicroFusion Packs.

Environmental UnderArmor
Weight: 15
Cost: 250
+40 Radiation Resistance
+7 Damage Resistance

Lined with a neutron absorbing layer of heavy metals, this UnderArmor will substantially increase the radiation resistance of power armor.

MediBrace UnderArmor
Weight: 22
Cost: 325
+8 Medicine Skill
Ignore Crippled Limbs
+5 Damage Resistance

Though heavy and not especially protective, this armor houses a complex array of air bladders and aramid cables that will autmatically stabilize wrenched or broken limbs. The system must interface with your power armor's power source in order to function.

Aramid UnderArmor
Weight: 14
Cost: 300
+15 Damage Resistance

Constructed from a thinner version of the bullet resistant fibers used for the popular Recon Armor, this underarmor can bolster the damage resistance of power armor significantly.

Insulating UnderArmor
Weight: 12
Cost: 300
+15 Fire Resistance
+15 degree Overheat Temperature
+4 Damage Resistance

Popular with Thermal Regulation Override users, the thermally insulating fabric of this UnderArmor not only protects against damage from flame based weaponry, but also shields the wearer from the excessive heat produced by prolonged thermal regulation overrides.

NOTE: To equip UnderArmor, put on the desired set of UnderArmor, then put on Power Armor. To unequip, unequip power armor, then unequip or change UnderArmor. only one set of UnderArmor can be worn at a time.

!!NEW to Release 1.4!!

Energy Pulse Generator
Weight: 3
Cost: 1700
Pulse Effects:
Electromagnetic: Temporarily disable (paralyze) robots and power armor wearers
Electrostatic: Knock back enemies in the area (dependent upon strength and endurance check, robots and power armor wearers are highly resistant)
Infrared: Ignite any enemy in the area
Mesmetronic: Mez any human or non-feral ghoul enemy in the area

The energy pulse generator can be used to generate one of four energy pulses, depending on which energy pulse modulators you have in your posession. Any enemies (or allies) within its blast radius will be effected. The pulses will expend your power armor's charge rapidly, and the system will need to recharge for several seconds before another pulse can be generated. Fusion powered armors can continue to generate pulses indefinitely, but their recharge time is significantly longer. The strength and effectiveness of any pulse is dependent upon the energy weapons skill of the user.