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Adds life to the wasteland by adding more ambient noises.

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UPDATE (5/26/2010): Added over 100 new sounds to Ambient Wasteland 2! I hope you enjoy the ambiance.

Thanks for all the support! I never dreamed this mod would find itself at #1, not to mention become a FOTM! You guys rock!

If you enjoy this mod, please endorse! It only takes a second, and it helps others weed through the junk and find which mods are worth getting.

This mod adds 200+ random ambient noises to fallout's existing list. You'll hear dogs barking, far off gunbattles, mosquitos spinning around your head, owls hooting, etc. It sounds like a small addition, but as you can see from the comments, it's the subtle things you take for granted that make a game immersive. I encourage you to download it and give it a try.

Put the sound folder that is found in the downloaded zip file into your Data folder. Nothing should have to be "overwritten", but if it does show up, you should overwrite it. Fallout will automatically recognize this folder setup and refer to it when making sound file choices for its ambient sounds.

In short:
Unzipped sound folder -> your data folder

NOTE: You will see duplicates of the same small sound files. This is normal. You want these. Read farther down as to why.

This is a direct modification/extension of Honnou's mod:

I loved the idea of this mod, but to me it was only 'almost finished'. A lot of the sound files had no panning or delay, and they were very loud, so the owl hooting sounded like it was on top of your head instead of on a tree 500 feet away.

This mod goes through and adds delay and panning, as well as lowers the Db of all the sound files. I also did a few minor personal taste tweaks. I know Fallout adds some distance on mono files and whatnot, but it didn't feel like enough for me, so I just went through and hardcoded panning/delay into it myself.

The other big thing I did was made a copy of the original Bethesda ambient files several times. What this does is when the program goes in to pick a random sound file from the folder, it won't ALWAYS be a something huge and momentous from this sound mod. More often than not it'll just be crickets.

Sounds you will hear:
Dogs barking
Far off Gunbattles
Creature groans
Flies and mosquitoes
and many other random and unique noises

Inner Workings:
- This mod adds sound files to the existing fallout ambiance folder which has closeby crickets sound files that you hear in vanilla. So, whenever fallout 3 picks a random sound file to play from that folder, there's a percentage chance that one of the new sound effects is played instead.

- If you are looking at the sound folders yourself, the "rustle" folder plays more in the day, while the "cricket" plays in the nighttime.

- Because of the nature of this mod, it shouldn't cause any performance problems. You're just swapping one sound for another.

- If you don't like a certain sound that you hear, you can always delete the sound from your sound folder and it will be taken out of the "rotation" of sound files.

Most people find the Mosquito and fly sounds the "most annoying".
You can find them in the cricket sounds: amb_insects_wasteland_cricket_36 - 40

and in the rustle sounds:

Should be compatible with anything and everything, as it just adds sounds to the sounds folder.


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