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This simple mod improves all Power Armor in the game.

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v2.0b17/09/2010 Added Anchorage plugin
v2.014/09/2010 Added DLC content and NPC DR boost
v1.1b02/01/2009 Bugfix for ModBetterPowerArmor60VATS.esp
v1.1a13/12/2008 Redone in GECK
v1.113/11/2008 Medical Prototype Armor gives +2 Strength bonus
v1.009/11/2008 Original release

by Dopp


This simple mod affects all the power armors in the game including the unique sets.

All Power Armor has been improved. Regular Power Armor now has 60% DR (including helmet). Radiation resistance has been increased to 30% for Brotherhood suits and 40% for Enclave suits. Tesla Armor and Hellfire Armor has around 10-15% more DR than regular Power Armor.

All suits give +2 Strength with no agility penalty. It is currently not possible to make the armor have no weight when worn (although this functionality existed in Oblivion). Instead, wearing the armor increases your character's carry weight by 50lbs so that it effectively carries itself.

In line with the vanilla statistics, Brotherhood, Outcast and Enclave suits provide the same protection but Enclave suits are much more durable and have better radiation resistance.

When any NPC dons a suit of power armor, he gets an instant 40% boost to DR (maximum is still 85% DR). This should make all power armored opponents and allies quite a bit tougher.

There are four plugins included: one for the vanilla game, one for Operation Anchorage DLC, one for The Pitt DLC and one for Broken Steel DLC. The first file is required for the vanilla game, but only activate the last three files if you have the matching DLC installed.

To install, place the files in the 'Data' folder of your Fallout 3 directory. Start the Fallout 3 launcher and go to 'Data Files'. Check the files and exit. Start the game. Please read up on how to install mods for Fallout 3 if you have any other problems.

There shouldn't be any problems with this mod but please remember to back up before installing. If you load a game where your character is already wearing Power Armor the old stats might conflict with the modded stats, resulting in the permanent stat increase bug. To prevent this, please take off your character's Power Armor and save the game, then install the mod, load the savegame and put the armor back on.

Feel free to tweak this mod to your liking. Refer to the modding thread on the Bethseda forums for details of how to edit the values.

Credits go to Bethseda for Fallout 3 and the GECK, Timeslip for FOMM, Rheikon for decoding the armor entries, and Throttlekitty for helping me learn how to mod.