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This mod adds a new ability that expands on the Widlland Allies tech.

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I love the larger units in this game, the Trolls and Ogres. I was happy that there was a tech that allowed you to obtain them, but I didn't like how it required camps.

Big Update: The Giant units (Trolls and Ogres) no longer have overpower, they now have an invisible item that is automatically equipped that makes them stronger based on the maximum group size available to you. They are now actually the equal of groups of trained soldiers, potentially even better because they can be customised with Juggernaut abilities such as Brutal Nature and Maul (God help us.) This also means that rather than just have an increase in stats, the giant units actually grow in size to reflect the grow in power.

This mod adds an ability "Wildland Alliance" that allows you to train various "wild" units.

Without any techs, you can train Wildings, they are weak but very cheap and easy to build. They can also be designed.

Warg Riding allows you to train Warboars, and also give any unit a Warboar mount in the unit designer.

Wildland Allies gives you basic trolls and ogres.

Having Wildland Allies AND Weaponsmithing will allow you to train Troll Warriors.

Having Wildland Allies AND War Colleges will allow you to train Bone Ogres.

All of the new units, except for the War Boars, are fully designable.

If you want to add this ability to a CoS faction, open the raceconfig file for that faction, and add


Extract the archive to LegendaryHeroes/Mods

Remove the folder WildlandAlliance from LegendaryHeroes/Mods/Data