Fallen Enchantress

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Adds a new ability that allows you to train elemental units, as well as a new quest with a champion!

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This mod adds an ability called "Otherworldly Allies" when creating a faction, that unlocks new units based on whether your faction is Empire or Kingdom.

Empires get the demonic units that this mod allowed, whereas Kingdoms get elementals as well as Lightbringers.

The mod also adds a new quest, called "The Avatar of Fire" which will grant you a new demonic champion upon completion. He might be a little overpowered, let me know what changes to make to him.

If you want to add this ability to a CoS faction, open the raceconfig file for that faction, and add


1.1: Made the new champion a bit weaker, he was really over the top.
1.2: Made him a bit weaker again, also made some other tweaks (his size o.o)
1.3: Added mana costs to all of the demon units. Added Crow Demon, Mirror Elemental, Cindercorpse. Now compatible with Children of Storm 1.1b
1.4: Now unlocks different units based on whether the faction is an Empire or Kingdom.

Extract the archive to your LegendaryHeroes/Mods folder.

Delete the folder DemonicRituals from your Mods/Data folder.