Enderal Special Edition
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Enderal conversion to be played in VR with SkyrimVR

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This mod fixes most of the bugs raised by using the Skyrim VR engine with Enderal offers you a great  journey in Enderal in VR.

Please, note that this is a community-made, unofficial conversion of Enderal using the SkyrimVR  engine. SureAI does NOT provide any support
for this.
15/04/21 : most of the quests have been tested and are playable in VR. 
Installation (in Mod Organizer 2 a.k.a. MO2):

After having installed a clean Skyrim VR,

  1. Make a save of your skyrimVR folders (My Games/Skyrim VR in particular)
  2. Unzip the SKSEVR archive into your skyrim VR folder
  3. Install Enderal SE with MO2 (Skyrim VR mode) but do not install the SSE requirements
  4. Install the mods  SKYUI-VR, JContainers VR, MoreHUD-VR, Skyrim VR Tools  ( this one is required to use VR controllers  in tavern games etc. The headset and the controllers have to be switched on, or the game won't start)
  5. Install as a mod the archive Enderal VR - patch.zip
  6. Optional : Use another folder for you saves and ini. See below
  7. Play
Your load order should be like this :

Special gestures (the skyrimvr windows must be active, in front of the others):
Put the right hand  (controller) above your head and the Hero menu should appear. Repeat the gesture to close the menu.
Put the left hand  (controller) above your head and you are teleported to Akropolis (as with the Meditation power)

This might be incompatible with other mods using Skyrim VR Tools (not tested)
Some users reported that the skyrimvr windows must be active (keeep the windows to the front)

MCM Menu:
The menu allows to
  • choose if you want the VR gestures of the mod; you can change the sensibility of the gesture recognition (this sensibility depends on the headset)
  • select amounts for the bank account management and bet in the Tavern games

Issues :
The game doesn't start :
  • Activate your headset and both controllers (required for Skyrim VR tools)
  • Check your load order. Mods like VRIK or HIGGS should be placed after this mod. Some (a lot ?) Skyrim SE mods won't work.
  • Check the installation of SKSE VR

The player is stuck:
Teleport to Akropolis (for instance with the meditation shout)  and go back, or
try in the console player.tai or enableplayercontrols

Nothing happens after a dialog
This sometimes appears when the dialog is interrupted (I don't think this is VR related?). Reload your previous save and try again.

The werewolk can't attack
Annoying, I am investigating the problem...

There imight be an animation problem with VRIK at the end of the game (Fleshness quest, body invisible).
Just save and reload 

Use another folder for your saves and ini:
If you want to correctly separate your skyrimVR saves to  your EnderalVR saves, follow these steps:
  1. Make a copy of your "MyGame/Skyrim VR" to "MyGame/Enderal".
  2. Rename SkyrimPrefs.ini to EnderalPrefs.ini
  3. Use the patch Enderal VR - patch2.zip given in the download section, based upon the  Davipb's plugin SkyrimRedirector

How to update:

replace the Enderal VR patch  in MO2 with the new version.

Todo, not fixed:
  • cutscenes do not work (no video).
  • The werewolfbeastrace doesn't work in VR anymore. So don't use the lycanthropy tree perk