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Completely redesigned Vatyr in 4K for Enderal SE and VR.
* Note, may include fusa shells ( real hair for the legs ) as well - Oblivion eyes.
A must have for graphical boost, make sure to read each download for the right pack.

Permissions and credits
The idea of further distinguishing Enderal enemy appearance from Skyrim.

I liked the old Vatyr Variants so I've made them accessible ( Updates will include Texture / Real fur whatnot ).
Goatmen have Oblivion textured eyes for added realism.
Nothing spectacular tho plugin within the folder from the pre update.
( Manbis link has no Esp, load after Enderal )
Activate like any mod within your mod loader.

- Tested on SE/VR with no performance loss whatsoever!
Q: Can I install / uninstall during play through ??
A: Yes, this plugin carries no scripting. Only changes texture / mesh

There is 3 different versions! Choose only one.
Enderal - Vatyr | is the beta overhaul of each individual Goat. (Check mod description for detail of what is complete)
Enderal - Manbis | is replacing all Vatyr to the 4K Manbis.
Enderal - Performance | is low text tho 7 variant from the pre update.

Help with console commandsif needed :')
in game press your tilde key ( ` )
this will open your commands
type in >  help vatyr  ( this will give you their ID's )
type >  place.playeratme ID NUMBER 1
press enter ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
tilde key ( ` ) to exit

Other commands: if needed :')

tgm < god mode
tcai < toggles combat

Recommended Mods
Special Thanks to Ixion XVII! Creator of EGO (Enderal Gameplay Overhaul)
These two mods goes exceptionally well together. Find EGO here!

If you enjoy these 4K textures also find my Enderal - Arp . Slimy, 4K texture / mesh variants.
Huge graphical boost! Immersion setter.

YouTube Channel
 < DevourVR

I will be presenting this along with other amazing mods at my channel once I've gotten the chance!
Download + Endorse, like | Be amazing! Thanks :)
- d e v o u r