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I play Enderal with a gamepad and I've recently been looking for a hotkey mod after my playthrough got the the stage where I was spending too much time in the favourites menu swapping bows, daggers etc. I tried a bunch of different hotkey mods and eventually came across the best one. This is an Enderal profile for it.

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This is a bit of a plug for Xinput ModkeySE - Gamepad to Keys Extras which I think is extremely underrated. For Gamepad users, it is simply the best mod you will come across and will massively improve the experience of playing.

Simply download the original (make sure you download 1.5.97) then replace the ini file with the one in this mod.

You will need to set up groups in the SkyUI favourites menu, to do that, in the favourites menu press click the right stick on an item and you'll be prompted to move it to a group. Then use the hotkeys below to instantly swap to all equipment/spells/shouts in that group. You will need to configure SkyUI to add F4 to F8 as groups 4 to 8 in the SkyUI MCM. You can view groups in the favourites menu by pressing Y.


Left Shoulder (LSh) button - modifier key.

LSh + X - SkyUI Group 1
LSh + Y - SkyUI Group 2
LSh + B - SkyUI Group 3
LSh + A - SkyUI Group 4
LSh + Dpad Up - SkyUI Group 5
LSh + Dpad Right- SkyUI Group 6
LSh + Dpad Down- SkyUI Group 7
LSh + Dpad Left - SkyUI Group 8

LSh + Back - Hero Menu
LSh + Start - Meditate

The below are also mapped and need Auto Input Switch

LSh + RSh - Map
LSh + Right Stick - Inventory

The below is also mapped and needs iHud

LSh + Left Stick - Show/Hide Compass

By changing to this set up I have massively reduced the need to enter menus in the normal course of play/combat.