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Allows free gamepad button remapping or assigning to keyboard keys. Fully configurable inside the SkyUI interface.

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What is it?
Modkeys and hotkeys for gamepad buttons using Xinput with in-game only configuration.
This plugin does not alter any existing gamepad or keyboard configuration that the game provides. All settings are made independently. They can be turned on or off individually, at any point; or completely by deinstalling the plugin.

With Xinput Modkey SE one or any simultaneously pressed number of gamepad buttons can be assigned into:
  • another gamepad button or buttons,
  • keyboard key or keys,
  • mouse button or
  • combination of the above.

Auto-repeat, aka. turbo function has been added in v1.3.1.
Not much to say otherwise. Try browsing through its in-game settings to get into the greater details.

Install with mod manager (eg. NMM or MO2). Correct archive content structure provided.
Make sure to download Mod version compatible with your game version, eg. v1.5.73.
After installation and loading the game save, wait for the SkyUI MCM message telling that new menu entry has been registeted - an entry of this Mod.

If you would like to backup your settings then the INI file is stored under this location:


  • Just updated the way how plugin handles newer SKSE versions. Now it won't stop the game and show a message when newer than build version detected.


  • Auto-repeat feature for gamepad buttons.
  • Fixed bug that prevented analogue inputs from being simaulated.
  • Added deadzones when reading analogue inputs.


  • Changed to error message, rather than warning, in case if bad runtime version detected; with option to allow the game to continue.


  • Skyrim SE compatibility 1.5.73 and 1.5.62.
  • More information shown on the status screen.
  • If installed for wrong version, an error message before the game start.


  • Skyrim SE compatibility 1.5.62.
  • This is the first release.

Project Information
This project Is using Papyrus scriptsing, SKSE and SkyUI functions. Internally, Xinput is used to filter gamepad buttons and tp generate new inputs. Open source project. Source code available in the download section.

Summary of software used, that is not Skyrim related:
  • Xinput - part of Windows SDK by Microsoft
  • Detours - software package by Microsoft (website)

This project is build using Microsoft Visual Studio 2017 C++ compiler. Only compiler is used and not IDE. Compiler configuration used should be quite standard, but if it's requires to know all the options, then the project configuration can be obtained from "project.cbp" file, configuration for Code:Blocks IDE.

If you would like to use it with some other game, not only Skyrim SE, then you can try my other project called Xinput Modkey that can be found here.

Bug reports, any corrections or suggestions are welcome.