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This modification changes the standard armor to more realistic options, and also adds new armor.

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The main purpose of this modification is to change the Skyrim atmosphere to a more realistic and nordic one. 
All armor on bandits and other characters will be warm and closed. At the same time old iron armor, old leather armor and old scaly armor remains available in the smithy. The old closed fur armor will be distributed among the bandits along with the new armor.
Level lists are reworked and all armor is distributed among the bandits. And also new armor can be made in the smithy.
The bandit elves from Dragonborn also have warm fur armor added to the level lists. Be careful, as the modification needs this DLS.

Version 0.12 changes:
Optional  standalone ESP added in main archive. In the optional file, standard armors and a new armors have been added to the level lists.
Fixed bugs with missing textures on fur helmet and axe holder.

The modification is installed manually. Just unzip the Data folder to the game folder and confirm the replacement. To do this, you will need to download the main archive. If you have the opportunity to install better textures, then download the archive with quality 4k textures separately and also unpack it in the folder with the game and confirm the replacement.