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This is a complete overhaul of the gameplay mechanics of Enderal. This includes a ton of balance changes, improvements to the ai, new gameplay mechanics, new weapons/spells/potions and much more.

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German LE Version



This is a complete overhaul of the gameplay mechanics of Enderal. This includes a ton of balance changes, improvements to the ai, new gameplay mechanics, new weapons/spells/potions and much more.

The mod is heavily inspired by older RPG's (such as Gothic, Kings Field, Baldurs Gate, etc.) and by the Skyrim Mod "Requiem". The changes made lead to a harsh and unforgiving world with more consistent and immersive gameplay.


Over 5 years in development with countless hours put into it (EGO 1.00 released July.2016)

Difficulties no longer drastically change the damage multipliers and only change the damage of enemies
Fixed Problems with high damage multipliers/health on many enemies
All actions drain stamina, physical damage is now dependent on your current stamina (also applies to human enemies)
Reworked critical strike damage to be more consistent and more useful
Each weapon type has it's own unique upside. Some enemies have resistance to certain weapon types.

Blocking with shields or weapons is much more efficient and negates staggering effects
Heavy Armor grants more protection and adds stagger reduction but will slow the wearer and will increase mana cost for spells
Clothing/no armor increases movement speed and reduces manacost but clothing no longer grants armor

AI reacts better, attacks/blocks more frequently
Archers now use Arrows and will switch to melee weapons if needed
Certain creatures (like Bears and Trolls) will knockback the player with some attacks if the player isn't blocking
Undead have drastically increased armor and resistances. Added new silver weapons, silver arrows
Ghosts have drastically increased resistances. Bypass it with silver weapons or with a new consumable called "Ghost Curse"
More diversity between creatures. Some Examples:

Mud Golems (Troll Template) regenerate Health very slowly, have increased resistances

Tyarge (Troll Template) are slower, don't regenerate health, are the only ones left with the ape like idle animation
Steppe Crusher (Deer Template) are more aggressive and have a new attack pattern
Boneshredder (Vatyr Template) are slower and have increased armor, magic/poison resistances

Crystal Elementals (Frost Elemental Template) have new resistances, removed frost cloak, removed frost FX, added a new power attack effect
Spiders have different poisons (slow, paralyze or increased damage poisons) and big spiders will knock the player back
Starling Guardians use their crossbow, Starling Centurios use their steam breath
, Starling Spiders shoot lightning sparks
Many enemies have slightly different attack patterns (e.g. a Vatyr uses some attacks more often than a Boneshredder)

26 completely new Spells, 5 of them are mystical spells
Manacost is drastically increased, Manacost reduction perks are now mandatory to properly cast spells
Manacost of spells is increased if you have a low skill and cast high level spells
Completely rebalanced elemental spells, some spells were just much better than others of the same rank
Rebalanced spells in general (e.g. summons require two hands, AoE damage spells are higher level, healing spells heal less/less arcane fever)
Reworked some spells (e.g. Counter now silences, Dreameater sneak attack rework/fix, Provoke reworked to Soothe)

Talents/Perks rebalanced and completely reworked some of them, added cooldown description to memory trees

35 new Potions/Poisons and rebalanced the others (in most cases they are stronger now)
Rebalanced apparitions, they have better stats, are poison immune, no longer trigger traps and have all of the new mechanics
Fixed and rebalanced Lycanthrope (fixed fleeing enemies, fixed range issues, fixed damage calculation)
Completely reworked and fixed armor/weapon blueprint recipes, fixed/balanced all the entries (about 600) of dismantle recipes
Added arrow crafting, added a new armor piercing arrow type

Removed Secure Chests and replaced them with 3 safe chests in locations where they made sense
Many hints that had unimmersive or simply too much information were removed
Rebalanced stealth/pickpocketing/lockpicking and overall made harder
Rebalanced alchemy/handicraft/enchanting, this includes a ton of changes
Loot is much more diverse. Animals/Creatures will drop appropriate items
Increased weapon and spell diversity on enemies

Many, many other changes. More informations in the readme (located under docs) and in the changelog (located under logs)


1. Installing Enderal - Gameplay Overhaul
- Download the Main File
- Extract the main file into the data folder of Enderal
- Open Data Files in the Enderal Launcher
- Enable "Enderal - Gameplay Overhaul.esp"
- Ensure that "Enderal - Gameplay Overhaul.esp" is at the bottom of the list
- Install Recommended Mods (located below)
- Install Enderal - Bug Fixes (load above EGO)
- Check out the Official EGO content addons
- Additional installation steps
- Read Informations

2. No compass / No floating Quest markers
- Go to the directory: C: \Users\username\Documents\My Games\Enderal
- Open "EnderalPrefs.ini"
- Change "bShowCompass=1" to "bShowCompass=0"
- Change "bShowFloatingQuestMarkers=1" to "bShowFloatingQuestMarkers=0"
- Save and Finish


- This mod is not fully save game compatible, using a new save game is highly recommended

- If you still want to install the mod midgame then I highly suggest to loot everything out of your secure chest before installing. After
installing the mod drop everything in your inventory (into a container), loot it again and wait 6 days indoors.
- This is a complete overhaul of the game and as such most mods will cause conflicts! Only install other gameplay altering mods if you know
what you are doing!

- If you dislike certain features there is a good chance that these optional patches will fix that.

- If you have any more questions feel free to join the Discord channel.

- If you want to support what I do consider donating on Ko-Fi or via PayPal.


Check out my profile for a lot of content addons and EGO patches.

http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/3222/? - Configurable Hud, disable crosshair / enemy indicator, etc.
Crosshair only "when looking at activatable"
disable "Stealth Indicator"

http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/17491/? - This mod is recommended because you will get knocked down with EGO

http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/57859/? - You can see your body in the 1st person view and each animation is played in 1st person

http://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/83379/? - Menus don´t pause the game (Turn off pause when using books or don't use blueprint container, Turn off auto saves in the menu/don't load auto saves with this mod enabled)