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Can be used online.
Lessens input delay via dedicated roll key,
Pause game key,
Individual hotkeys for Spells and Items,
6 Pouch hotkeys,
Automatic Save file backup,
and additional buttons for Controller.

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EMU Light - Enhanced Moveset Utility

EMU Light for Elden Ring is a direct successor to the EMU Light released for Dark Souls 3.
As of 2023/10/27 EMU Light for Elden Ring officially support all Dark Souls games.
Use this version to play Dark Souls, Dark Souls: Remastered, Dark Souls 2, Dark Souls 3 and Elden Ring.

  • Removed innate input delay from Rolls (Using a dedicated roll key makes the roll begin on key press rather than key release).
  • Pause key(automatically navigate you to a menu section that actually pauses the game. Press again to unpause).
  • RPG style magic hotkeys (Create a dedicated hotkey for each attuned spell that selects and casts it with one press).
  • Hotkeys for all 6 pouch slots (Vanilla ER only lets you bind hotkeys for 4 pouch slots)
  • Additional buttons for Controller using a dedicated Switch  and/or Event button, that changes the functionality of all other buttons when held.
  • Roll and R1 cooldown (Adjust action queue behavior by creating a cooldown time when consequent rolls or R1 wont register).
  • Automatic and manual Save file backup (Save file is backed up on EMUL launch and on press of a backup hotkey).

  • Download the EMULight for Elden Ring_Executables_vX.X.zip and extract to any folder
  • Downlead the newest version of EMULight for Elden Ring_vX.X.zip and extract it to the same folder
  • Launch EMULight.exe and press the "Activate" button every time you want to play the game.

Video showcase:

A big thank you to Zorlin3321 for the showcase of EMU Light's functionality, discovering an XBOX workaround and his help in testing the upcoming XInput implementation that will allow EMU Light to natively support XBOX controllers without the use of any outside applications.

  • How do I start using EMU Light?
Read the Installation section.
  • How do I stop using EMU Light?
Don't run the exe anymore. Optionally delete the EMU folder.
  • Can I be softbanned for using EMU Light?
There has never been a single confirmed ban report due to autohotkey scripts in the history of From Software game releases. The newly used Easy Anti Cheat does not have a history of flagging autohotkey scripts either, however it can certainly detect autohotkey scripts (EMU Light makes no attempt to mask anything). In the past (Dark Souls 3) the game would inform you if you were in violation before action was taken against your account, keep a lookout for such a message.
That being said, use EMU Light only if you understand the possible consequences, which might include a softbann/shadowban from online of some kind (like in Dark Souls 3). It is also important to note that the same can be said for any actual mod on nexus, including reshade presets.
  • Why doesn't EMU Light work for me?
If you have the game installed on the same drive your system is installed, you might need to run EMU Light as an administrator.
  • What keys can I bind?
For a list of all possible binds see: https://autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm.
  • What are those *.ahk files for?
Those are the source code files of EMU Light that are ran when you launch EMULight.exe. You can use them to modify the program to your liking or simply check what it does (and that it doesn't do anything bad).
  • How do I properly report bugs/get help?
Make a comment about the bug with detailed description of the problem. Use this format:
"What I wanted to happen", "What I did to make it happen" and "What happened instead".
  • How to use quickcast while dual-wielding different magic catalysts
See this guide on how to set up EMUL to have quickcast work with dual-wielding of different types of magic.

  • How does a controller support work?
EMU Light translates controller button presses to keyboard presses. This allows the controller to have the same functionality as Keyboard & Mouse. 
To get more buttons for your controller, EMU Light sacrifices one button of your choosing to act as a Switch button that switches the basic function
to switch function for all the other controller buttons for as long as the Switch button is held.
  • I tried to bind attacks, movement or attunement slot quickcast on my D-PAD and I am experiencing weird behavior, why is that?
This is because D-pad (directional input on the left side of the controller) function very much like a joystick with X and Y axis instead of 4 
individual buttons. EMU is able to read which direction was pressed, but not held. Attacks, movement and quick cast functionality changes 
depending on whether a button was pressed or held for a while. As a rule of thumb, don't bind these actions to D-pad.