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Middle-ware utility enhancing the controls of Dark Souls games. Enhanced functionality includes Faster rolls, Reliable kicks, Spell quickcast hotkeys, Automatic Save file backup and Accidental kick prevention. Safe for online play. Supports both Mouse & Keyboard and a Controller at the same time.

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Have you ever:
  • rolled too late?
  • took ages to select that one spell?
  • panic rolled or accidentally R1 spammed?
  • accidentally kicked a boss and wasted an attack window?
  • failed to perform a kick just to have your weapon bounce off of a shield?
  • Met a hacker that tried to corrupt your save file?

Then EMU Light is for you. It is a standalone utility that acts as a middleman between your input and Dark Souls game. The concept is simple, you press an "A" key. EMU sees the "A" press and sends virtual "B" and "C" keys. Dark souls then sees "ABC" as your input.
Supports both Mouse & Keyboard and a controller.

  • Faster rolls (Using a dedicated roll key makes the roll begin on key press rather than key release)
  • RPG style magic hotkeys (Create a dedicated hotkey for each attuned spell that casts it with one press)
  • Roll and R1 cooldown (Adjust action queue behavior by creating a cooldown time when consequent rolls or R1 wont register)
  • Accidental kick and jump attack prevention (When in situation the game would perform a kick, EMU delays an attack for 300 ms to perform an attack)
  • Dedicated kick and jump attack keys (Reliably perform kicks or jump attack in motion by pressing a single key)
  • Automatic and manual Save file backup (Save file is backed up on EMUL launch and on press of a backup hotkey)

Set Up:

  • How do I start using EMU Light?
Download the zip file. Extract it into a dedicated folder. Run the exe.
  • How do I stop using EMU Light?
Don't run the exe. Delete the EMU folder.
  • Can I be softbanned for using EMU Light?
No, you cant. EMU Light does not alter or connect to Dark Souls games at all. It only listens for keystrokes and send it's own. 
Dark Souls games already limit how fast you can press keys in a row, eliminating the possibility of gaining an unfair advantage over other players.
  • Why doesn't EMU Light work for me?
Did you set "Right hand light attack" to "O", "Right hand heavy attack" to "P", "Roll/Dash/Backstep" to "I" and "Next spell" to "L" in the game control
menu? Did you set the right button/keys in EMU? For a list of all possible binds see: https://autohotkey.com/docs/KeyList.htm.

  • What are those *.ahk files for?
Those are the source code files of EMU Light. You can use them to modify the program to your liking or simply check what it does 
(and that it doesn't do anything bad)
  • How do I properly report bugs/get help?
Make a comment about the bug with detailed description of the problem. Use this format:
"What I wanted to happen", "What I did to make it happen" and "What happened instead".
  • How to use quickcast while dual-wielding different magic catalysts
See this guide on how to set up EMUL to have quickcast work with dual-wielding of different types of magic.

  • How does a controller support work?
EMU Light translates controller button presses to keyboard presses. This allows the controller to have the same functionality as Keyboard & Mouse. 
To get more buttons from your controller, EMU Light sacrifices one button of your choosing to act as a Switch button that switches the basic function
to switch function for all the other controller buttons for as long as the Switch button is held.
  • My controller come with pressure sensitive R2 and L2 buttons, why wont they work with EMU?
There are several technical difficulties and risks involved in implementing support for pressure sensitive trigger buttons. Since EMU doesn't
support pressure sensitive triggers, just bind them in Dark Souls game directly like you normally would.
  • I tried to bind attacks, movement or attunement slot quickcast on my D-PAD and I am experiencing weird behavior, why is that?
This is because D-pad (directional input on the left side of the controller) function very much like a joystick with X and Y axis instead of 4 
individual buttons. EMU is able to read which direction was pressed, but not held. Attacks, movement and quick cast functionality changes 
depending on whether a button was pressed or held for a while. As a rule of thumb, don't bind these actions to D-pad.
  • What can I do if my XBOX One controller is not being recognized?
EMU Light is build in Autohotkey, which has a history of problems with controllers. You can use Steam's Big Picture controller support or a third party controller handlers of your choice. Below is a step by step on how to use a program called Universal Control Remapper to simulate a DS4 controller and make EMUL work: