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The method I saw on YouTube to solve Elden Ring's intermittent stuttering and low performance. I made it Mod to make it more convenient to use.

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Elden Ring PC Stutter and Low Fps Fix

I often encounter intermittent stuttering and low fps during the game,
Many methods have been tried on the Internet, but they have no effect.

Until I learned about this method, it came from a YouTube blogger(thsea4021) released a video:

After I tried this method, the intermittent stuttering and low performance of the game really disappeared.
I don't know why. Maybe the CPU resource allocation of the game itself is not good?
(I don't know the principle, but I found it useful in the game test)

However, using this method requires manual setting every time the game is started, which seems to be very troublesome. So I made it into a Mod. After installing this Mod, the game will set CPU affinity automatically after starting, instead of manually setting every time.

How to install:
1. First download and install Elden Mod Loader, which we need to load dll for the game.
2. Download this Mod and extract the mods folder in the package to the game directory (near eldenring.exe).
3. You can check whether mod works normally in mods\SetCPUAffinity\log.txt .

exceptional case:
I recommend that you use Elden Mod Loader to load DLLs. If you cannot use Elden Mod Loader for some unresolved reasons but can use Mod Engine 2 normally, here is a solution for Mod Engine 2 to load DLLs: https://github.com/soulsmods/ModEngine2/issues/55

For this Mod : I don't know whether this method is really true and effective. I only tested my own game (not a lot of test data), and it works well,
This method may not be applicable to anyone and is only published here as an optional solution.

This Mod does not have any complicated logic and algorithm. It is just a faster operation. You can view its source code in the optional file.






1.首先下载并安装 Elden Mod Loader,我们需要它来为游戏加载dll。
3.你可以在 mods\SetCPUAffinity\log.txt 中查看mod是否正常运行。
我推荐你使用 Elden Mod Loader 加载DLLs,如果你因为某些无法解决的原因而无法使用 Elden Mod Loader 但可正常使用 Mod Engine 2,这里有用 Mod Engine 2 载入dll的方案:https://github.com/soulsmods/ModEngine2/issues/55

对于此 Mod :我并不清楚此方法是否是真的真实有效的,我只对我自己的游戏做了测试(并没有大量的测试数据),并且它运行良好,