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Easy Mode for Elden Ring

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***Added update for Latest Patch(1.12) and maybe DLC support!!!***

***Please Use This mod at only offline mode!!!!!***

Make the game becomes easier for frustrated gamers.

Prepared 3 Version:
  • "Damage Edit Only" version
reduce 50% Damage.
Increase 25% Attack.
2X Player Hit Radious
2x Crimson/Cerulean Tears Heal
  • "Damage Tweak + 10x Rune(and 2x Flask heal)" version 
         reduce 50% Damage.
reduce 50% Damage.
Increase 25% Attack.
10x Rune
2X Player Hit Radious
2x Crimson/Cerulean Tears Heal
Weapon reinforcement only required 1 material.

  • "Personal Edit" Version     
reduce 50% Damage.
Increase 25% Attack.
10x Rune
2X Player Hit Radious
2x Crimson/Cerulean Tears Heal
No Weapon/Armor/Accessary Weight
No FP Cost of Magic/Buddy Ashes/Skills
Increased Weapon Scaling by status
Starting status +10 of all
Item Discovery is always 500
All disease are healed fast(10000pt/s)

  • Backup your existing regulation.bin. 
  • make EAC disabled(recommended to use Anti-cheat toggler)
  • Replace the downloaded regulation.bin into your \steamapps\common\ELDEN RING\Game.. folder.
  • enjoy!!

  • Replace the modded regulation.bin file with the original file.
        If you'll Play online mode of lost original regulation.bin, remove regulation.bin and  Verify file integrity at Steam client.

[If Game has updated, please do as below...]
  • Verify file integrity
  • re-disable anti cheat
  • Replace the regulation.bin with this mod again.

~For user has problem "corruputed save"~

I tried to cause same issue for testing, but not occured.
below, I found howto fixing is wrote. Please try

thanoshav0c told us a good way:

1. Fresh install the game and update up to 1.03.1, install the Anti-cheat toggler and disable anti-cheat.
2. Launch the game with the original regulation.bin and make a new save. Exit the game.
4. Rename the original regulation  to regulation.bin.original and place the regulation.bin of v1.4.2 inside the Game Folder
5. Launch the game and start a new save in a new save slot. Exit the game
6. Update game to 1.03.2. This will replace the regulation.bin from v1.4.2 with an original regulation.bin
7. Start the game but don't make any saves just confirm that you don't get the corrupted save data error. Exit the game
8. Backup the original regulation.bin from the new update (rename to regulation.bin.originalnew) and place the regulation.bin of v1.5 inside the Game Folder (this is the hotfix for 1.03.2)
9. Start the game, confirm that you don't get the corrupted save data error and  make a new save.
10. Exit the game and replace the regulation.bin with the most recent one (currently v1.7a)
11. Launch the game, start a new save and delete the obsolete saves from the previous steps. You should be good to go
(Strongly suggest to backup your save files at this point)

vawser:(greatful Yapped-Rune-Bear auther.)
RagnarofKlausenburg( Inspired by Sekiro Easy Mod.)
CheezeOfAstora (merged Recover Runes Immediately )
Silentverge02(merged Hitbox Radius x2)

!!!Don't asking me about using in online!!!!
This mod's purpose is be able everyone to enjoy Elden Ring, isn't for cheating in online mode!!!!!