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Recover Runes Immediately upon Death, no need to go to the exact spot of death to recover the runes.
(Don't lose runes ever - No death penalty ~ Sacrificial Twigs effect)

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As soon as you die and respawn at the Site of Grace/Stake of Marika, you'll get a prompt to recover your runes. No need to go to the exact spot of death to recover the runes.

With this mod, you'll never lose runes due to not being able to pick it up and dying again. Basically, there will be no death penalty on runes, as it sorta works like Sacrificial Twigs.

This mod is from my series of Recovering Souls/Runes Mod,

For DS3 Recover Souls Immediately
For DS2 SOTFS - Recover Souls Immediately - Ring of Soul Protection won't BREAK

**Please Backup the files which will be replaced, as this mod needs to be played offline.**

Install Instructions (Recover Runes)

To remove this mod you will need to:
1. Replace the modded regulation.bin file with the original file.

This mod does not make the game any easy, it just frees you from the hassle of collecting your runes every time you die and makes the game a bit more relaxing.

I don't want Fromsoftware to ever force this in their game mechanics if this does not match with their vision, that's what modding is for right 

Similar mod for Dark Souls Remastered: Dark Souls Remastered prevents loss of humanity and souls after the death