Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice
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This mod makes enemies weaker than original game values.
Makes life easier but might ruin game propose !
Works with latest patch 1.06.2

Permissions and credits
  1. Download Winrar/Winzip
  2.  MAKE SURE YOU HAVE Sekiro Mod Engine from Nexus mods INSTALED (no mode works whiteout it ! )
  3. Copy dinput8.dll and modengine.ini to your Sekiro directory (usually located at :\Program Files (x86)\steam\steamapps\common\Sekiro for default installations)
  4.  Dearchive and COPY Sekiro Easy mod in your Sekiro base game folder
  5. You should have this folders if you did evrything right :\Games\steamapps\common\Sekiro\mods\param\gameparam inside this should be the actual mod "gameparam.parambnd" !
  6. Some Changes Require TO START A NEW GAME and finishing intro section( after that you can go back to your save)  
  7. 3 ENJOY !

Patch 1.06.2 Tested

Designed for new comers to the series for a more forgiving experience.

Customizable ! Leve a comment I might make changes for requests :D

!!! This is considered a cheat and may spoil the game experience but if you want to see the story unfold whiteout any interest in spending time one GIT GUT combat, this mod is for you.

Hey guys I ' m planning to soon come back to molding for Sekiro and maybe Elden ring and DS2
I haven't played Sekiro or any other game on PC for some time 

Small Donations are welcomed

Check me out on Twitch or YouTube
VictoriaNiche Youtube 

Likes comments or Subscribes mean allot, i mean it ! 

Big Thanks to FromSoftware for this amazing game !! 
Thanks to TKGP for Yabber and UXM 
Thanks to  katalash for Sekiro Mod Engine
Thanks to roysten !!!
Thanks to  uberhalit fo the save editor and Sekiro Fps Unlock And More
My beard brother  DKGrayfox87
My Rivian friend Eyedeability
Tanks to Yohnnny
Thnaks to WT3WD for No Artificial Lighting MOD 
And last but not least Iancule sa traiesti !!!

If you like my work you can give my other mods a look Elder Blood Combat Overhaul   DLSS 3.1.1v3 Cyberpunk to Witcher  Better HBAO SSAO RTAO Elden Ring Game Journalist Mode 

donations are very much appreciated paypal here 

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