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One click exe to run Elden Ring without Easy Anti-Cheat, in offline mode.

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Do not make any attempt to go online, or circumvent the forced offline mode. You'll most likely get banned

The intention of the mod is primarily for mod creators to use the source code to inject their mods into the game at runtime with the launcher, however it might also be quite convenient if you just don't want to play with EAC.


On the title screen it will say "Inappropriate activity detected, starting in offline mode" if you try to log in to the server because Easy Anti-Cheat is not running. This is normal and means that the mod is working as intended.

Simple offline launcher. Download the launcher "launch_modded_eldenring.exe" and place into your ELDENRING/Game folder (where "eldenring.exe" is located).  The source code is available here: https://github.com/LukeYui/launch_modded_eldenring

Feel free to modify or redistribute the launcher. It may be useful for offline mods with the additional launch options possible.