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---DL v1.28.0 Compatible--- All collectibles are automatically collected upon loading a save game or starting a new game. Alternate version also offered that allows you to auto-collect only the collectible categories you choose.

Permissions and credits
· Auto-Collect All Collectibles ·
by StinVec

· This mod does not alter any existing game files ·
· Once you load into your game(s), all collectibles will automatically become collected ·
· The mod file is no longer needed after it auto-collects all collectibles and can be removed ·
· If you do remove the mod, simply re-add it again temporarily to auto-collect the collectibles on a new game ·

[ Alternate Version Available - Selective Collectible Category Auto-Collecting ]
Place the included Data3.pak file into your game installation's 'DW' folder as normal. You can then open it using the WinRar/7zip file manager
program and add in the 'data' folder for collectible categories you desire to have auto-collected from the mod zip into the Data3.pak window.
You can add in additional collectible category 'data' folders over time if you later desire to auto-collect additional categories.

Current Categories:
- General Collectibles - All Buggy Decorations
- General Collectibles - All Buggy Skins
- General Collectibles - All Outfits
- Harran Collectibles - All Flags
- Harran Collectibles - All Journals
- Harran Collectibles - All Notes
- Harran Collectibles - All Statues
- Harran Collectibles - All Voicemails
- Countryside Collectibles - All Flags
- Countryside Collectibles - All Letters
- Countryside Collectibles - All Masks
- Countryside Collectibles - All Notes
- Countryside Collectibles - All Trophies
- Hellraid Collectibles - All Notes

Total Collectibles Auto-Collected: 485

When the mod activates

Collectibles related to Harran and the Hellraid DLC will be auto-collected upon completing the tutorial in
the Tower when you get to actually start playing outside or loading a save game at any point after that.
Collectibles related to the Countryside (The Following DLC) will be collected upon loading into the Countryside.

If you would like to have all of the blueprints learned automatically upon loading into an old or a new
save game, consider giving my other "Auto-Learn All Blueprints Mod" a try. That mod can also be used
at the same time as this or any other mod as it does not alter any existing game files. And, just as with
this mod, you can remove it after learning the blueprints for your save game and they will remain learned.

If you like to use this mod and feel it adds to your enjoyment of the game, I would appreciate it greatly if you would please
consider coming back and donating to me via PayPal using the Donate dropdown above this mod description if you are able to.

If even $1 or some pocket change is not something you would be interested in donating, please consider taking
a few seconds to register on or log into Nexusmods and endorse this file to show you appreciate this mod.

I sincerely thank you for using my mod(s) and for possibly considering my above request.

[ View 'DOCS' tab for install/uninstall information ]

[ Compatible up to Dying Light v1.28.0 ]

_______________ Recent Updates ______________

2020, June 27
· v485 Released ·
(view 'Logs' tab for details)
  • Updated with 10 collectible items added in the 1.28.0 game update ("Hellraid DLC beta")

2020, February 20
· v475 Released ·
(view 'Logs' tab for details)
  • Updated with 1 collectible item added in the 1.25.0 game update ("World's Best Crane" outfit)