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Graphics mod for Dying Light

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Graphics mod for Dying Light v1.5

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EVG - Enhanced Vanilla Graphics

Does the following:
- Disables ingame chromatic aberration
- Disables floating dust particles
- Disables ingame filmgrain
- Adjusts lensflares to be less annoying
- Tonemap changes to create a clearer image
- Adds custom filmgrain (effective against colour banding)
- Adds custom CA (for cinematic effect)
- Adds bloom & lensdirt effect
- Adds sublte sharpening filter
- More

Optional file without 21:9 black bars

Strongly recommended mods:
HUDless by Shub Niggurath

Step 1. Check out the screenshots to see if you like the look
Step 2. Download full or light version
Step 3. Unpack and drop everything in the folder into your Dying Light folder
Step 4. Disable grain effect in the in-game graphics settings & and enable antialiasing *Important*

Planned for the future:
- Depth of field changes