Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen
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Mod makes it easier to land this spell.

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Please, don't confuse it with "Dance Seism"... though, at some point it might seem that this name would fit better... uh, nevermind.

It is obvious that this spell is rather strong, but problem is, after first few hits it strikes everywhere but not where you need it to strike, so at some point very long casting time and spell being unreliable may cause you to reconsider even using it at all. Another problem is that in late-game Holy+Physical damage becomes very usefull against most enemies, especially toughest ones, so it is hard to keep this spell useful and not to break balance making it overpowered... Well, let's hope I succeeded there.

Important to note, how this spell works (in vanilla):
It doesn't have real locking as some may assume, it locks ONLY first hit on the enemy which is closer and in front of caster, than it goes random, striking area with different offset.

Changes to this spell:
Seism - same size as vanilla, 4 erruption of crossing strike in tight radius in front of caster.
High Seism - minor size increase, 8 erruptions of quick foward shockwave turning into slightly random side to side strikes in wider area in front of caster.
Grand Seism - size increase about 2x bigger, 12 erruptions of random strikes in wide area around caster, mostly vanilla properties with minor adjustments.

Use screenshots for approximate comparison: #2-Seism; #3-High Seism; #4-Grand Seism.

So, according to changes I made, it's safe to say that targetting should be easier and more predictable. Each tier now has different focus, so you can think which one to choose for certain circumstances, unlike vanilla when all 3 tiers basically differ by number of erruptions with random strikes around the area.

- Copy file to: *Your game folder*\nativePC\rom\wp\w1 - overwrite wan.arc
MAKE A BACKUP! of original wan.arc file just in case you don't like it and want to revert to vanilla.

This is obviously not final version of this spell, I still may tweak it according to feedback, so leave it in Posts section.

As usual, it seems pretty stable and bug free. Some minor bugs may occur (which is unlikely, but still), it will have same effect on your Pawns, but not enemy.

There's one little thing for Grand Seism users:
Don't get surprised by rain of dead bodies, thing is, since it hits in pretty wide adea, it may knock enemies which you didn't notice yet, and it launches them so hard that smaller enemies basically fly to the moon, so even if they don't die from spell hit (which is unlikely), they'll certainly die from the fall =)

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