Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition

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A complete text mod for anyone using a female model replacer. Alters all masculine-coded language relating to the player character to feminine equivalents, and stays as close to vanilla as possible.

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For a game with a silent, blank slate protagonist, it always struck me as odd that there's no character creation/customization. Modders have since fixed this problem with model replacers of both custom content and NPC data, but choosing a girl model of course comes with the issue that all text remains unchanged. Well, until now.

What This Mod Does:
-Alters all masculine-coded language relating to the player character to feminine equivalents
-Includes all text- dialogue, story recaps, menus, cutscene subtitles, etc.
-Minor alterations to dialogue/scenarios that no longer made sense when gender was changed (i.e. entrance into L'Academie)
-(Optional) UI portrait replacer. Changes the UI portraits of the player character to custom-made portraits. NPCs UN02012 and UN01164 are available

What This Mod Does NOT Do:
-Change any non-UI graphics. There is no included model replacer, and pre-rendered cutscenes will remain the same (aside from subtitles, of course). I would highly recommend the NPC Appearance Swap mod or The Pinkish Princess to replace your player character model
-Affect voiced dialogue. Unfortunately changing the audio to match the new text would be nigh impossible, so the only option is to turn voice volume to 0 if it bothers you
-Make any major alterations to characters or story. I tried to keep this as vanilla as possible

What This Mod Might Do in the Future (Maybe):
-Romance overhaul. I'd like to alter some of the companion interactions after choosing to live with them to make them more clearly romantic, including Erik, Serena, Jade, and Seventh Companion
-Include a dedicated player character model replacer. I am still very new to DQXI modding, so this may take some time. All screenshots on this page were taken using the NPC Appearance Swap mod to replace the Luminary's model

-Download the pak file, and place it in your DQXI S pak folder (...\Steam\steamapps\common\DRAGON QUEST XI S\Game\Content\Paks)
-To update, simply delete the Heroine of Light pak from your DQXI pak folder and follow the above step

-Considering I went through tens of thousands of lines of text by hand, it's inevitable some things slipped through the cracks. If you encounter any issues, please screenshot the text and submit it as a bug report. This will be the fastest and easiest way for me to find and correct any mistakes
-If you made it this far, you're cool and I appreciate you