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Adds different starting armour appearances for all races and classes. No DLC required except for Qunari and Trespasser options. - Now includes multiplayer armour options.

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Immersive Starting Armours

Please read all of this before posting if you have a problem.  All of my mods can be imported to Frosty except for the configurable ones.

Updates:  1st July 2020 - Added Reaver/Disciple's armour option for all races and classes. Check the download section.

This mod simply changes the appearance of the mercenary coat that all characters start the game with to that of a different armour.  The aim is to allow you to get "in character" as early as possible and to enable some early roleplaying opportunities.  

Or to put it another way, I got sick looking at that green coat and wanted an alternative to making it invisible and wandering around in my PJ replacer.

There are eleven optional versions at present, merge only ONE (they overwrite each other, but you can always merge a different one when you roll a new character with a different background):

  1. All races basic.  This will work for any race or class and uses a few basic mage, rogue and warrior armour appearances in place of the mercenary coat.  If you don't like having to merge different mods for different characters, go for this one as you can install it and forget about it.  But please read the notes below.
  2. Dalish.  Only works for elves.  Mages get keeper robe, warriors get the dalish warrior armour (*Read the note below about colour blending) and rogues the rogue variant.
  3. Human - Adventurer.  Only works for humans.  Each class gets their version of the adventurer armour.
  4. Human - Free Army.  Only works for humans.  Each class gets their version of the Free Army armours.
  5. Dwarf.  Only works for dwarves.  Rogues get carta coat and warriors get legion of the dead armour.
  6. Qunari. Works for any race or class.  Rogues and warriors get Shokra-taar, mages get Antaam-saar.REQUIRES Spoils of the Qunari DLC (It really wont work without it and you risk damaging your save file if you try.)(*Read the note below about colour blending)
  7. Grey Warden. Only works for humans, elves and dwarves.  Want to RP/headcanon some sort of Grey Warden start?  Try this one.  You have lost your memory after all.  Each class gets their version of the Grey Warden armour.
  8. Human - Templar.  Only works for humans.  Was your character a real templar attending the conclave, or a mage in disguise maybe?  May require some significant headcannon but could be fun.
  9. Trespasser DLC.  Works for any race or class.  Who cares about roleplay when you can look this good, right?  Warriors get Disciple's armour, rogues get Alchemical Rigging and mages get Sentinel Plate.  REQUIRES Trespasser DLC.(It really wont work without it and you risk damaging your save file if you try.)
  10. Multiplayer. Works for all races and classes except dwarf male (will appear in usual mercenary coat). The criteria has to be strict due to the requirements of the character creator. This means no armours with built in helmets, hoods or other head coverings. Sorry. Basically you get Arcane warrior, Elementalist, Isabela, Katari, Keeper, Saarebas, and silent sister. Please see the images for more information.
  11. Multiplayer - Optional variants - human female. Adds three optional files (again, choose only one file to merge). Two variations of Isabela's armour and Argent's assassin armour. See images. The same armour will apply to all classes.
  12. Reaver - Disciple's. Changes the appearance for all races and classes to Reaver/Disciples armour. See images. Requires Trespasser DLC.

Important Notes:

  • You should see your character in the new armour getting up off the ground before you get to the character creation screen.  If you do not, then the mod is not working for whatever reason (wrong version for your race, etc.) and needs investigating.  Don't expect it to magically start working after you've spent an hour fine tuning your character's face.
  • Where applicable, the game will always display your character in the heavy armour variant in the character creator, then revert to the medium or light variants when you're done. What matters is what you see when your character stands up off the ground for the first time.
  • Getting the rogue version of the Shokra-taar to work required a little bit of jiggery-pokery.  That's a technical term.  The game now thinks the rogue variant of the mercenary coat is heavy armour, but don't worry it's now also unrestricted by class.  Basically it shouldn't cause any problems but let me know if it does.)
  • If you use a race-specific mod with the wrong race, your character will appear in their PJs.  Equivalent to an invisible starting armour mod basically.  
  • The *Dalish warrior, Qunari and some of the multiplayer armours will not colour blend at the neck seam until immediately after you're finished in the character creator.  There is nothing I can do about this.
  • Any mod which alters the textures or design of the armour appearances this mod uses (e.g. Sho's Dalish Armoury) will show up in the starting armour.
  • I have tested the mod a fair bit but given how many variables are involved, I cannot reasonably test every permutation.  Report any problems in the comments section.  Equipping the armour on your companions may produce funky results.
  • Black emporium:  The armour will display when changing your character in the black emporium but it is always the warrior variant regardless of your character's class.  The colour matching issue with Dalish warrior armour in the character creator also applies to the Mirror of Transformation.
  • Anywhere in the game where your character is shown in their starting armour.  e.g. Envy in Champions of the Just, it will also be the heavy variant.
  • There is no need to keep this mod installed after you've been through the opening stages of the game and arrived in Haven.  You can re-merge without it if you wish and carry on with your playthrough as normal. You can also leave it installed with no consequences.


  • Fully compatible with all my other mods, including Armor - No Class Restrictions Remade.
  • Should be compatible with all Skyhold PJ replacers.  Some will show under the armours as usual.  I've not tested them all obviously.
  • Should be compatible with mods which alter the textures of the armours used by this mod (e.g. Sho's Dalish Armoury)
  • It can be used with companion armour replacers like "Live Like Viv" and "Sera's Breeches".  Your Inquisitor will be in this mod's armour for the opening sequences and then in the companion armour when they get to Haven onwards.
  • I have finally tested it extensively with Dalish Rogue Armour tweaks and both the warrior and mage versions of that mod.  The dalish version of this mod appears to be fully compatible.
  • NOT compatible with any mod that affects the starting armour such as "invisible starting armour" mods.


Download DAI Mod Manager here.

Installation instructions are here.

Join the DAI Modding Discord if you need further help: https://discord.gg/wzJG7Mq


Please read these troubleshooting tips at DAI Modder Central before posting in the comments section if you have a problem.

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Thanks to the developers at DAITools for their tireless work in trying to keep up with Bioware's relentless stream of patches.

Thanks to tklivory for the great resource that is DAI Modder Central.

Thanks to siekcsroe. Without their handy list of MP armour hashes over here, the multiplayer version would have been significantly more tedious to produce.