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Sliders for my elven beauty - Maribel. Solas will get lucky lol!

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Hello all!

Since I've been able to create a really nice looking elven babe (for Solas... :>), I've decided to share my sliders with you!

I also uploaded a save file for those who are not very good with character creator.
I know it can be frustrating as hell, so I hope this will ease your pain :)
The save starts right after Cass cuts of our chains and says:
"Your mark must be tested on something smaller than the Breach"

Now, I'm playing a polish version of the game, but I named every screenshot by english so you don't have to wonder which one is it.
I hope this helps!
If not, feel free to ask me in the comment section! :)


Maribel is made with Enhanced Inquisitor Sliders by kingslayvr so every screenshot's number is based on this mod's order!
Enhanced Inquisitor Sliders lets you choose the color for your hair and eyebrows from the color wheel,
just like for eyes and makeup, so I highly recommend using it!


All the requirement mods are shown below or in the appropriate section :)

KISS Skin Tones by ZannaMods - Companions and Custom Tints - FROSTY
Kitten's Inquisitor Complexions by KittenTails - Tintable Sera Complexion without brows (Frosty version in misc files)
Kitten's Inquisitor Complexions by KittenTails - Makeup - No blush or underbrow color (Frosty version in misc files)
SOS Eyes Up Here by KittenTails - SOS Witchcraft V.2 - tintable!
Settrah eyebrows by settrah - updated version
Elongated lashes by Ascendia (converted by Margerard!)
Misc Hairstyles for Frosty by KittenTails - TW3 Hairstyles Edna (misc files section)

If you love the Keeper Robes, just like I do, I highly recommend using these beautiful retextures by guidethisonekalaheria!
Maribel is using Metallic!
Elaborate Dalish Robes


If you have any questions - about used mods or slider names (I hope the language won't scare you off) - feel free to ask in comments section!
I'll try to reply as soon as I'm able :)

I would love to see your Inkies made with my sliders!
Be sure to upload screenshots! <3