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Hidden at 30 Apr 2019, 1:19AM by KittenTails for the following reason:
Please do not reupload anywhere. This was taken down for very personal reasons. This Mod pack was created by KNY: KittenTails, Naviruo and Yuekyo. Here is our tumblr if you want know about why this and other mods are now down.

There (In our Tumblr) is also two archive links to reddit thread where this was uploaded before moderator (nick traugdor in reddit) decided to edit it to fit he's own agenda. For some reason he tried to delete posts so it would look like this reuploader was called pedophile. It is serious accusation against our friends so just show that is a lie the whole page was archived by our another friend who was quick enough to do it.

Long story short: Our mods were reuploaded while they were still mostly here in Nexus. - KNY