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I gathered my Inquisitor complexions into one place. Males + females. Hawke warpaint, new freckles and makeup.

Permissions and credits
Kitten's Inquisitor Complexions (WIP)

Freckle Babe

Complexion with some heavy freckles.
For males and females.

Solas (No brows or makeup)

Variation of my Solas The Ethereal Egg texture mod, I just removed brows and makeup.
For males.

Pictures Included are taken by FrankieKai
Stefan Male Complexion

This has diffuse of my tintable Sera complexion, but more mature normal map.
For males.

Stefan Male Complexion (Pale lips)

Paler lips than in original version. More mature normal map compared to Tintable Sera.
For males.

Tintable Sera Complexion

For males and females.

Tintable Sera Complexion (Pale lips)

For males and females. Males don't have nose freckles.

Sera Complexion (Non tintable)

One with brows and other one is without. Not tintable. Suits best the third skintone in CC.
For females.

Devon Skin v.2

This is based on the face of Devon Aoki. Tintable.
For females.

Baby Devon

Younger version of Devon skin. I did just lighten up Morrigan's lipstick and slapped it on Devon skin and added younger normal map than in original version..

Venus Skin 2.0

Complexion that my OC Venus uses.

Mature Skin

This has some very light wrinkles.
Brienne Ailyn's Complexion

Complexion my OC Brienne uses.
Isabela Makeup Complexion

Complexion with Isabela's heavy eye makeup. Trespasser version included.
Trespasser versions

There is currently Trespasser versions of Devon Skin, tintable Sera and Stefan male complexion.
These have untouched specular maps so they are very shiny.

Warpaint makeup and no blush or underbrow colour makeup

Replaces makeup for all but qunari.
Hawke's warpaint for elves

I made this cause I could not find existing mod that did the same thing. Replaces last set of vallaslins in CC. Two versions: One is orginal Hawke warpaint, other is smaller versions of it.
Freckle Replacer

My qunari freckles, now for humans..
Other mods shown:
Tattoo for humans by Kori C
Vallaslin by tropelicious
Side swept hair by Skaramoosh
Eyebrows for men by mrjack
Disheveled Undercut for HM by momtherford
Dreads of the Wolf EF by Gearhog
Braids 4 HF and EF by Cullenite
SOS Brows on Fleek by Naviruo
Masked Marth Hair for EF by Nyafever

My other mods: LINK

Thank you for Ascendia! I edited Sera's normal map on top of their existing one and there might still be some parts left.