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A new PJ retexture for the Inquisitor

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As soon as I decided to play my human Inquisitor Yvette, I wanted to make something that I imagine a human noble would wear in the DAI times. 

The outfit fits all races, should be fine, if any colors are off PM me and I'll see if I can fix it.

If you're looking for more colors, check out my other mod - Brocade Outfit V2 - additional colors

Couple of things to note:
- Qunari slider 1 and 3 look very similar ingame, so QF-Light1 should cover both. Let me know if it looks off.
- Qunari, elf and dwarf versions aren't tested much. I'd appreciate if you PM me if there are any problems.
- Medium skintones tend to be a bit orangey :/ can't do much about it.
- Immersive starting armors mage armor makes the arms look lighter than the original skintone. I'm not sure how to fix that. 

I recommend using these with the Bumps Be Gone mod, since it removes the unnecessary bumps on the PJ mesh.
Since the original mesh has a "shadowy" part above the chest area, it's still kinda visible under certain lights, as explained in the Bumps Be Gone mod.

** If you're looking for Qunari skintones as a reference for your own mod, pm me and I'll send you the files. I think I managed to get pretty close to the actual skintones :) 

I'd love to see your screenshots, please upload them <3

Install using DAI Mod Manager.

Since the mod changes the PJ textures, any other mod modifying the same won't work.
I just started playing with this character so it's hasn't been tested much, please let me know if you run into any issues.
Works fine in BE, not sure about other areas or DLCs, if anyone can test them, pls let me know how it goes.
Tested with Custom Body Models Athletic Arms/Curvy Torso as well as Immersive starting armors and works well.

Other mods visible in the screenshots
Ciri's Hair Attempt - Big Low Hair Bun
Nalia's hair for EF
All about the face - V1 half freckle full mole
Eyes of the inquisitor
Bumps Be Gone
Settrah's Brow Mod - Alternate version
Lion's mane for All
SK Mini Qunari Hair Pack - side braid
Immersive starting armors

HF - re-did the four main skintones as the rest wasn't good enough
HF - re-did the normal maps to have actual textures

Thank you <3