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(Discontinued) First Person Camera with Full Body awareness

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(Would take too much time to improve it significantly)

DAI Mod Manager version now available!
Realistic First Person Camera Mod


  • First Person perspective - can be toggled using a hotkey
  • Full Body Awareness - you can see your body and equipment while in first person
  • Sprint - Toggle Sprint by pressing LShift or LThumb
  • Combat Toggle - Enable or disable Combat at will while in first person
  • Simple Conversations are now in First Person
  • Works in Exploration and Combat
  • The Frosty version also incorporates my 'Speed Launch' mod (disables launch logo and movie)


  1. In the download section, choose either DAI Mod Manager or Frosty Mod Manager versions.
  2. Inside the downloaded .zip, choose the FOV you prefer. FOV offered are 60, 70, 80, 90, and 110 for VR test purpose.
  3. Install desired FOV.
  4. Once Ingame, Go to Settings -> Keybindings.
  5. In the Keybinds, map a custom hotkey to the "Eye Position" keybind (e.g. 'B'). This hotkey toggles between first and third person.

How to use this mod (Please read)

  • Press the "Eye Position" hotkey to toggle between first and third person.
  • To enter combat while in First Person, press the "Sheathe/Unsheathe Weapon" hotkey. This hotkey can be found and assigned in the keybindings. This hotkey is a toggle.
  • This mod adds a Sprint functionality. To Sprint, press LShift or LThumb (Controllers). Press again to toggle. Sprint works in first and third person, exploration and combat, and even while jumping (!), but is automatically disabled if not moving forward or if using abilities. If Sprint is active, a buff indicator will be drawn on the HUD.
  • While in First Person, all interactions are enabled (conversations, merchants, codex, etc.), but some might not work properly. This is because First Person forces you into a "combat" state in order to work, which throws off the game in some situations. An example is Quick Travel. In order to use these interactions, disable First Person (and wait a couple seconds).

Possible issues

  • This mod destroys all collision layers from the hips up to the head. This is done so the camera doesn't clip with the body, allowing full body awareness. This also means your character may not receive damage when it otherwise would without this mod (such as receiving an enemy arrow in the chest).
  • This mod is not tuned for combat, if you use it for combat you will run into tons of issues (clipping, rotation issues are the main ones).
  • Controller compatibility not tested
  • Stealth *may* break body awareness


  • DAIMM version added to mod page
  • You can now strafe while in exploration
  • All Interactions, except for quick travel, now work in first person (Conversations, merchant, read, mount)
  • Simple Conversations are now in first person
  • While in First Person, combat now has to be toggled. This had to be done for stability. Use the "Sheathe/Unsheathe Weapon" hotkey in the keybindings to transition into combat while in First Person.
  • Sprint now has a buff indicator
  • Sprint now works while in Third Person
  • Sprint now works during jump, you will receive a movement speed bonus while in-air for sprinting before jumping
  • Crosshair has been removed, it is now a separate mod for those who wish to have it alongside this mod

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Frosty Project included in the download section

Suggestions for the future (and things I've looked into)

- I've tried and spent hours to make horse riding work in first person, but couldn't. The way the player collides with the mount screws up the mount's visibility.
- Quick Travel can work in first person eventually, as soon as Scaleform editing becomes available in Frosty (RES Import) I'll make that adjustment.
- Anything else just write in the comments