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Adds more loot to the fixed tables during the opening stages of the game. Two versions available: basic tier 1 and extreme tier 3/4. No DLC required.

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More Loot - Prologue

This mod simply adds a variety of weapons, armour, crafting materials and jewellery to the fixed loot tables encountered during the opening stages of the game between Haven and the Temple of Sacred Ashes. Almost all of the weapons and armour will be unusable without a mod to remove level restrictions. I recommend Munchyfly's Remove Level Restrictions Mod which you can get here.

Please read the notes below before downloading.

There are two versions:

  • Basic - Weapons and armour all tier 1, mostly level 8 with a minimum requirement of level 4 to equip them. Reasonably generous tier 1 crafting material supplies. Basic rings, belts and amulets. Respec Amulets. Tome of Masterwork Crafting - unlocks masterworks in Haven. Just leave it behind if you don't want that.
  • Extreme - Tier 3 weapons and armour. Generous supply of tier 3/4 crafting materials to get you started. 1 Amulet of power for each companion. 2 Amulets of power for Inquisitor. Selection of tier 3 masterwork materials. Tier 3 rune crafting supplies. Several respec amulets. Tome of Masterwork Crafting - unlocks masterworks in Haven.

If you want more tier 1 supplies when you get to Haven, have a look at the Haven Crafting Boxes download in my Rare Weapons mod. If you need more Tier 3/4 crafting materials, then I suggest Crossroads Crafting Supply, Redcliffe Supply, or Badken's Craftorama, depending on where you want to get your supplies.


  • When using the Extreme version, you need to take the "direct assault" option (Cassandra Approves!) or you'll miss out on the masterwork materials.
  • Some of the loot is not affected by this mod, e.g. the sacks. They are however affected by MoreLoot - Remade, in particular the crafting version. Both mods can be used together.
  • One of the loot tables remains unchanged in the basic version, namely the one that gives you the Fire Resistance Cowl.
  • The Tome Of Masterwork Crafting only has to be in your inventory to unlock masterworks in Haven. It will immediately be placed in "junk" and can then be sold.


Go here for installation instructions and links to download Mod Manager.

Join the DAI Modding Discord if you need further help: https://discord.gg/wzJG7Mq


Please read these troubleshooting tips at DAI Modder Central before posting in the comments section if you have a problem.


Fully compatible with MoreLoot - Remade.
No known conflicts.

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Thanks to the developers at DAITools for making great modding tools.

Thanks to tklivory for the great resource that is DAI Modder Central.