Dragon Age: Inquisition
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Josie's new hair aand a bit of make up aaaand small tint for dress (I like her that way, I made it for me solely,but decided to share the whole look)

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UPDATED!! 11/8/15 I tried remaking it with other ModMaker version, hope it helps to avoid glitches!

Yay! I was finally able to finish this mod for beloved Josie!


I LOVE that cinnamon roll and I wanted smth new for her. I remember first pictures of her,concepts. And there for sure was one with her hair with high bun or smth like that. So here is my version! I really think this haircut suits her well (And I adore her with green eyes and fitting dress colors <3)


I worked hard with it, so please be gentle to me)

Here are wonderful people whos mods I also used:

- Vivid eyes Vivid Eyes Variation Daimod (by Wendera),
- Companion color configurator configurator(by Toloc) (my values for Josie's eyes are on one of the screenshots here),
- I also HIGHLY recommend to download and try this one awesome outfit for Josie, I was inspired to work with dress by amazing Mysterious Josephine by ArXangel (I didn't take any textures from it or used it in any unapropriate way! I just really admire this work)


Well, that's all) And thank you for those smart and kind people who made it possible for us to mod DAI!


My other works:

Sera hair face texture (updated not long ago),
Ponytail and Long hair for elf female (it's not huge, I still have problems with making hair for Inqusitor,it's too hard, but I still like it, updated not long ago),
Solas default outfit and Stitches be gone!